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Project management

Project resources management

We will help to automate resource management for all enterprise projects


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Calculation of all resources automation required for the execution of the projects, their actual costs and net price

Inventories of production resources preparation required for each project

Calculation of calendar requirements of materials, parts, equipment and labor resources required for project implementation

Calculation of the planned and actual cost of the project

Accounting for the stages of the project and accounting the cost of production resources

The successful implementation of any project is directly related to the availability and adequacy of the resources that are involved in it.

For each task, a list of production resources is determined - materials, assembly units, spare parts, equipment, and labor resources. What is unique is that from each position in the network, a link can be made to any other network schedule or to the composition of the product necessary to perform the task.

Thus, for example, a model of complex design production is built, in which the assembly production is described by the network model, and the production of parts and assembly units in the procurement and mechanical assembly shops is linked to the timing of the assembly network schedule.

The module provides tools for the effective use of staff, identifying and resolving resource conflicts in the early stages of project implementation, monitoring project progress.

It should be noted that since the module is part of an integrated enterprise management system, by the time of its implementation, the personnel and user directories are usually filled out, access rights have been allocated, the resource classifier, the directory of divisions and other necessary directories have been filled. Accordingly, there is no need to spend time on resolving NSI issues to start project management processes.

In addition, thanks to flexible options for selecting tasks and pre-configured reports on the status of the project, there is the possibility of operational control of the project progress, identifying critical deviations for making management decisions.

Making changes to the project

In the course of project implementation, previously developed plans may be repeatedly modified or refined. Such changes are necessarily recorded in the agreed written documents and can change the work tree. In the "Project Management" module, such changes are documented by protocols, the lines of which are also the tasks of the project. Protocols are printed out in the form of standard reports, approved and, if necessary, attached in the form of simple originals to the documents of the respective project task/milestone.

Apart from the protocols, you can use arbitrary documents of the workflow module, for example, orders for assigning responsible persons, invoices, technical acts, acts of work performed, etc.


of our system

Operation of several projects at a time in one database and resource management of all projects

Operating all unified directories of ERP system: personnel, resources, contractors, orders, departments, financial responsibility centers, budget items etc.

Supporting unified directories outside the project management system

Unifying projects due to universal external directories

Integration with other modules of IT-Enterprise system

Automatic corporate distribution of work schedules and notifications

Creating and permanently filling in the knowledge data base – a pool of experience of all projects completed by the enterprise

From each position of the network schedule, a reference can be made to any other network schedule or product structure required to perform the work.

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