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Chemistry and pharmaceuticals

Solutions for production management in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Digital business transformation from IT-Enterprise


Industry problems that our system solves

Description of route and operational technological processes of manufacturing

Description of resources (inventories, labor, tools, equipment, etc.)

Determination of the product cost at any level, considering the manufacturing technology

Rating of energy resources (electricity, steam, water, etc.) by equipment

Time rates and prices by professions, semi-finished goods, finished products and equipment

Rate setting of the by-products output for each production stage of the technological process

Accounting of different production types (serial, by-order, by schedule, with a short and long cycle of manufacturing)

Multi-level production planning (enterprise, workshops, sections, equipment)

Planning and scheduling of manufacturing equipment load

Operative and predictive planning of inventories and labor resources

Balance calculation of raw materials and inventories according to the normative method

Through accounting by lots of products and semi-finished goods, accounting by lots of manufacturing start

Calculation of production costs by technological production stages for semi-finished goods and non-semifinished goods

Warehouse inventory control

CRM customer base and orders management

Adjustment the service according to the specific needs of the enterprise


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

up to 60%
increase of production capacity

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution

Optimization of recipes according to the criteria of minimizing the production costs

We optimize production according to the actual parameters of raw materials quality and necessary parameters of production

Quality control at all stages of production

Accounting for quality parameters of raw materials, accounting for manufacturing parameters and quality of products, semi-finished products and introduction of new technological processes, statistical quality control

Automated fixation of raw material costs and production of semi-finished products

We provide interconnection of the system with technological equipment and sensors

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