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Accounting of cash and equivalents thereof

Increase the operational efficiency of cash accounting and get real-time information for financial management of an enterprise


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Cash accounting in accordance with the accounting policies of the enterprise

Сash flow formation in the context of cash flow articles based on accounting data

"Client-Bank" system integration

Operative processing of bank statements

Workflow in accordance with the approved at the enterprise rules of documents processing

Printing of forms of primary documents in accordance with the law. Formation of anlaytic and regulatory reporting

The tasks of cash accounting in IT-Enterprise system include: accounting for cash transactions, bank accounts, loans, promissory notes, deposits, letters of credit, dividends, etc.

Accounting by accounts in banks:

  • accounting for an arbitrary number of bank accounts in national and foreign currencies
  • generation and printing of payment documents on the basis of the register of payments for invoices and applications
  • developed means for setting up communication with the Client-Bank electronic payment systems. Export of payment documents prepared in the system to the Client-Bank system and import of account statements and directory of banks and organizations from the Client-Bank system
  • maintaining register of bank statements, reconciliation of turnovers by day with checksums, operational accounting records at the import stage, control of documents posting with reflection in financial and management accounting
  • the formation of operational information and analytical reports on balances and cash flow for an arbitrary period

Accounting for cash transactions:

  • accounting at an arbitrary number of cash desks in specified currencies, accounting of transactions and balances of target codes
  • registration and printing of receipt and expenditure cash orders, payroll
  • design and printing of loose sheets to the cash book, cashier reports, analytical transcripts
  • generation of analytical and synthetic accounting reports

Accounting for bills of exchange:

  • registration of issued and received bills
  • accounting of promissory notes and bills of exchange, keeping register of bills of exchange, accounting of debt on bills of exchange
  • linking bills with incoming/outgoing bills, the repayment of debts for which is drawn up by a bill, the transfer of payables/receivables into bills of exchange indebtedness
  • execution of acts of acceptance/transfer of bills, acts of presentation of bills of exchange
  • generation of analytical and synthetic accounting reports

Accounting for other operations:

  • accounting of operations on loans, deposits, letters of credit, dividends with the detail required for reporting in both accounting and budgetary processes
  • document processing is performed in accordance with the regulations described by means of the designer of business processes and document flows of IT-Enterprise system. The regulation allows defining the roles of those involved in the processing of documents and the procedure for processing documents.

of our system

Increasing efficiency of accounting

Routine processing of documents, control of the documents flow by stages

Comprehensive tools for setting up connection with the electronic payments systems "Client-Bank"

Minimizing errors in accounting due to automated control at documents entry and processing

Efficient analysis and control tools at all stages of the accounting management

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