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CRM-client relationship management

We will help to create and maintain beneficial relationships with customers that increase sales, optimize marketing and improve service.


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Lead and agreement management throughout all stages of the customer's life cycle

Automatic led generation based on visits of corporate web site, social networking pages, marketing events

Lead validation, qualification, nurturing and conversion into agreements

Operations management, displaying the full history of customer interaction

Leads and operations analysis

Product portfolio management

Integration with Outlook email client, IP telephony and social networking

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Extended CRM system allows you to manage the entire sales process, ranging from attracting customers to the shipment of products. To improve the efficiency of customer relationships, the following methods and tools are used:

  • Customer database management. Automated customer segmentation based on the calculation of personal criteria, the collection and classification of maximum information about the client. All information about the client is presented in a visual form, users can quickly and easily find the data they need.
  • Analysis of customer needs. The list of products the client feels the need of, with all the necessary characteristics.
  • Analysis of competitors' products. The list of competitors' products with all the necessary characteristics and sales parameters.
  • Knowledge database. Structured information on sales, products, competitors. Fast and convenient access to information. Universal keyword search.
  • News feed. Formation of the results of the analysis of the situation on the market and notification of these results to the relevant employees of the enterprise

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module allows you to personalize each client and create the most effective strategy for working with them, which will lead to an increase in sales and strengthen the company's competitive position in the market.

Automatic lead generation

All leads (i.e. contact details of potential customers who have reacted to marketing communication in some way) are automatically generated in the system, coming from a corporate website or as a result of downloading data from external sources on the basis of events and other marketing events.

Lead management

  • Customizable lead management business processes allow you to control their movement through the life cycle chain, keeping the entire history of interactions with them and allowing you to quickly respond to alerts from the system about changes in lead behavior
  • A convenient interface control panel for leads allows operations with data files on leads selected by specific criteria/characteristics
  • The preconfigured mechanism of validation (checks for uniqueness and correctness) of leads allows you to quickly eliminate duplicate records, without the risk of losing information, and also to ensure that the system contains only unique records containing correct details
  • Lead qualification provides the linking of information about a specific lead with information about the organization that the contact represents, and with the contact persons of the organization, the details of which are verified and pre-entered into the system
  • Tracking the lead time at a particular stage of a business process allows you to avoid losing contact with potential customers
  • Lead transfer for cultivation - i.e. to a group of customers who are not ready to conclude a deal - allows not only to separate them from the rest of the lead array, but also to provide effective targeted email marketing and reminders through various advertising channels
  • The transfer of a lead into a deal is performed using BANT model (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe), which implies the fulfillment of the following requirements: confirmation of the client's solvency; the presence of a specific person possessing the necessary powers with whom negotiations are conducted; customer need for a product/service; the potential client has enough time to make a decision on purchasing a product/service

Deal management

  • To manage relationships with customer that have decided to purchase a product/service, business process for managing transactions is configured in the system, which can include sequences of chains of actions of any length and complexity, i.e. consider a variety of scenarios
  • For each deal, regardless of status, the full history of interaction with the client is maintained - activities, offers, files and comments, which allows you to quickly analyze any stage of the deal
  • As part of the deal management, the user can manage the transaction budget and quickly track the receipt of payments according to the concluded agreements

Analytics by leads and deals

Analytics for leads and deals is an easy-to-use analytical tool that allows you to assess the effectiveness of the company with leads and deals at each stage, as well as the effectiveness of working with them for each of the managers. This information makes it possible to identify reserves and improve the efficiency of work with clients.

With the purpose of the most illustrative and informative display of summary data on the results of work with leads and deals, the system provides analytical functionality that allows you to visualize and explore the results in the context of:

  • Analysis period
  • Managers/manager teams
  • Stages of business processes
  • Types of products/services
  • Deviations from standard indicators (for example, delays at business process stages)

Also, in order to visualize data on the life cycle of leads, the system configures the funnels of leads and transactions, as follows:

  • By quantity - displays the distribution of sales that began in the selected period, by stages as of the date of completion of the settlement period
  • By conversion - displays what percentage of leads/ deals moved from one stage or another to the next stage during the selected time period
  • In relation to the initial stage - the chart displays the percentage of sales at a certain stage in relation to the initial stage of the business process

Product portfolio management

  • Maintaining catalog of products, each of which has a unique set of parameters, allows you to effectively manage them in the system and link them with other elements, ensuring the interaction of the CRM module with other modules of the system
  • The system allows you to structure the range of products/services, keep records of special prices and discounts, analyze data to offer customers the best supply option and determine the most popular and sought-after positions

Integration with email client Outlook, IP-telephony and social networks

  • The system has a built-in feed from Facebook and other social networks, with the ability to customize alerts for groups that are interesting to the client
  • Pre-configured integration with Outlook allows you to work directly from your email client — view client’s profile and create activities, enter new leads and create deals, perform planning through the corporate calendar, contact the client using chat bots
  • Thanks to the integration with IP-telephony, system users can call customers directly from the CRM-module, automatically identify the subscriber and view information on it at the time of an incoming call for the most effective communication, save call records to assess the quality of service, collect and analyze data via telephone negotiation to optimize the workload of operators and managers

of our system

An Extended CRM system allows managing the whole sales procedure, from engagement of clients to shipment of products

Additional blocks provide projects, contracts, financial settlements management, as well as the business analysis of data and support of the knowledge database

The system is designed to assist the manager in sales process, and not only to manage his/her performance

The system has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Automated collection of leads, activities’ management, integration with IP-telephony, working directly from the mail client

A built-in Facebook (and other social networks) newsfeed, targeted emailing, scheduling via corporate calendar using a smartphone

Portability: an option to operate via smartphone or tablet

A possibility to use chat bots – to call or text the clients directly via messenger, to analyze sales, view the statistics on the leads, make appointments etc.

A possibility to connect the CRM-system to Outlook; a quick making of records in CRM based on information received via email

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