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Personnel accounting

Optimize staff administration


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Creation and change of organizational structure "on the fly"

Development of payment and extra payment systems

Staff requirement analysis and staff planning

Personnel documents generation

Relevant staff data

All about vacations: schedules, orders, unused vacations

Large number of reports

Personnel accounting

Automation of all HR processes - from personnel administration to planning and management tasks. The solution can be used to account for the personnel activities of several organizations of any structure.

Management of the organizational structure of the company

An effective planning tool and source of information for optimizing the work of the entire company:

  • simple creation and approval of the organizational structure
  • convenient formation of draft changes and their approval
  • formation of payment systems with various surcharges and bonuses
  • staff planning
  • vacancy control
  • quick access to the entire history, analysis of changes

Personal and group orders for:

  • hiring
  • dismissal
  • transfer of employee
  • leave
  • additional payment for the employee, indicating the reason and automatic generation of data for the accounting department
  • setting salary/class, etc.
  • temporary transfer of an employee to work in another department
  • automatic generation of orders for transfers during the reorganization of the enterprise structure

Built-in order designer allows you to add any kinds of orders related to personnel changes.

Maintaining employee data by personal card sections:

  • basic information
  • education and training
  • foreign language skills
  • family structure
  • appointments and transfers
  • leaves, return from leaves
  • leave schedules; compliance with the planned and actual use of leaves
  • rewards, awards and honors
  • information about employee research papers
  • benefits
  • sick leaves and information on disease
  • state obligations, donor, etc. documents paid on average
  • military registration
  • previous jobs
  • penalties and violations of labor discipline
  • other information in the form of various documents, both text and graphic
  • photos
  • residence address
  • disability and information on retirement, participation in liquidation of Chernobyl accident
  • work experience (any arbitrary type of service, including according to the list of hazards)
  • surname change history

Flexible delineation of access rights to personnel data ensures complete confidentiality of information.

End-to-end business processes ensure the efficient operation of all related services, quick access to reliable information on personnel changes.

Various forms of analysis are supplied with the system:

  • education reports
  • age structure reports
  • reports on pensioners, people with disabilities, beneficiaries
  • staff schedule reports
  • reports on staff categories
  • reports on the number of employees
  • list of employees
  • references

of our system

A quick preparation of all required reports and certificates

Reducing time spent for processing and exchanging data between the services

Management based on true and up-to-date information

Minimizing errors while processing documents

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