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Staff training and system modelling


Staff training

At this stage, the members of the Coordination Council and the Customer's team are trained in two areas:

  • Theoretical training in the concepts of enterprise management and a general overview of the functionality of the IT-Enterprise system. Training on the skills of project management and organization of work of the Customer and the Contractor on the project in accordance with the provisions of the "Charter of the project"
  • Training on a typical work program with each IT-Enterprise module (features, configuration options, tuning order, and basic skills of working with the module).

The training is carried out in the timeframe indicated in the plan of organizational-technical measures (OTM) and in the volumes specified in the draft-specification for the project.

To organize the training, the Customer must provide a computer class - a separate room with computers connected to the local network of the enterprise with the installed system "IT-Enterprise". Conducting training in the workplace of the Customer's personnel is not allowed.


Form of training:

  • Lecture in the form of a PowerPoint presentation
  • Live demonstration of the system configuration on an installed or any other set of "IT-Enterprise" system (at the choice of the coach)
  • Obtaining operations skills on on an installed or any other set of "IT-Enterprise" system (at the choice of the coach).

As a result of obtaining basic knowledge of the project/subproject, students will be able to fully participate in the following stages of the project.

The learning process runs in parallel to the system modelling (see next step).


System modelling

At this stage, formalization of the basic business processes of the enterprise, which are configured in the system, is carried out. For this purpose a series of working meetings is organized, which document the current business processes of the enterprise (the model "as is"), issues of current business processes, future business processes (model "to be"), technological aspects of the implementation of future business processes in the IT-Enterprise system. The recommendations for optimizing business processes are being worked out and confirmation of the business process "to be" model.

Each business process of “to be" model is described in a separate document. It specifies the objectives of the business process, metrics, operating rules, graphic scheme in the BPMN 2.0 standard, the list of documents involved in the business process, generated reports, and others, by agreement of the parties.

The results of the simulation stage of the system are:

  • Approved models of business processes "as it should be"
  • Approved reference example for the configuration and run test
  • Approved Criteria for Completion of the Configuration Stage and Runout of the Reference Example.
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