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Document flow and BPM

Document flow and ECM

Turn your paper workflow into digital content and get a new level of business efficiency


The system allows to effectively solve problems

The system simplifies work with electronic documents, provides control, quick search and secure access

Creation of a single repository of digital content: classification by types, props, processing, document templates

Content filling: scanning, integration with e-mail, site, external document exchange services (COMARCH, E-COM, M.E.DOC, CMEA)

Teamwork on documents and communication: versatility and file remarks, access delimitation, chat, alert and event notification (push, e-mail, sms)

Mobile work with content: native iOS, Android, and Windows applications allow you to work comfortably from any mobile device.

Maintaining an electronic archive: a nomenclature of cases, descriptions, acts for destruction (in accordance with the Ukraine legislation)

Document flow

Document flow exists in any company. The effectiveness of management processes largely depends on its proper organization. It is important that your information is well organized, stored and easily accessible so that its confidentiality and security is ensured.

Managing content as the source of life of a company is more than just organizing information storage and processing. Effectively managing content is impossible without the proper construction of business processes and workflow in the company. This requires a robust platform that provides a range of capabilities.

IT-Enterprise system will solve many of the problems of managers related to the management of the company, as well as answer frequently asked questions from managers:

  • How to quickly get the necessary information?
  • How to provide an effective content structure?
  • How to get full control over documents?

SMARTMANAGER is a comprehensive solution for managing processes, documents and tasks in IT-Enterprise system.

SMARTMANAGER – universal tool

  • A single window for working with all business processes, documents, tasks
  • Management of unstructured processes by creating cases, determining responsible persons, setting tasks
  • Organization of personal planning and issuance of instructions by the method of working with tasks
  • Accessibility at anytime from anywhere in the world. Work on convenient platforms - corporate ERP-system, web-client, mobile application
  • Easy and clear interface for users of any level
  • Open platform for independent development and support of the system
  • Reliability and safe storage of information due to built-in protection mechanisms

Managing workflow processes based on the Smart Manager solution allows the company to receive the following benefits:

  • Optimally organize general document flow (incoming, outgoing correspondence), internal document flow (orders, protocols, regulations, memos, etc.)
  • Register all incoming documents and process them electronically, regardless of the type of receipt (in paper or electronic form), reducing the time for their processing
  • Creating draft of documents (outgoing and internal) becomes more convenient through the use of template forms, according to unified rules adopted by the company
  • Approval of documents is faster due to the networking, creating versions, using digital signatures
  • The control of executive discipline is increased both at the level of performers and at the level of the company's management due to the built-in capabilities (automatic control of deadlines, responsible persons). You can monitor and control the execution of documents
  • The document binding function allows for a comprehensive analysis of the issue.
  • By visually tracking the location of the document and its processing steps, you can get information about the life cycle history of each document
  • With the ability to leave comments, clarifications or notes to the document, you can quickly make changes and additions to it
  • Notifications and reminders (push, email, sms) facilitate rapid response and problem solving, decision making, document processing
  • Convenient and fast document search by various requisites, by context, by barcode/QR code
  • Archival storage of documents in compliance with all legislative norms and requirements (maintenance of the nomenclature of cases, the formation of cases, write-off of documents to the archive, the destruction of documents)
  • Comprehensive analysis of the company's document flow using statistical and analytical reports (reports of various formats)
  • Due to the possibility of delegation of rights and powers, you avoid delay at any business process for the period of absence of responsible persons

SmartManager solution allows you to organize workflow for all types of company activities and effectively manage them.


of our system

Important content available anytime and anywhere (in a centralized storage with an easy search)

Confidential information is effectively protected from unauthorized access and “leakage”

Integration with external services shall allow saving time and efforts for data input and processing, as well as provide integrity and accuracy thereof

Mobility, electronic procedures and multi-user processing of documents shall save your time and funds

A transparent document flow, monitoring and analysis tools shall make your business manageable

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