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Inventory accounting

Build the document workflow processes "from ... to ..." for the prompt and reliable inventory accounting in real time


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Inventory accounting in accordance with the enterprise accounting policy

Elements of inventory managerial accounting

Detailed inventory accounting with the possibility of conducting an unlimited number of analytics

Company document workflow according to the approved document processing regulations

Printing forms of primary documents in accordance with the legislation. Formation of analytical and regulatory reporting

The composition of stocks in IT-Enterprise system include:

productive reserves

low value items

defect in production

semi-finished products

finished products

agricultural products


custody assets

The system provides:

Maintaining regulatory information necessary for the organization of accounting:

  • the classification of stocks adopted by the company: groups, subgroups, nomenclature
  • batch types
  • order types
  • warehouse space
  • divisions
  • other reference books

Organization of inventory according to the accounting policies of the company

Setting chart of accounts in accordance with the required detail of accounting

Description of various logistic options for accounting in the context of sets of analytics: units, materially responsible persons, batches, warehouses, orders, contractors, contracts, terms of operation, calculation items and many others.

Organization of accounting and movement of materials simultaneously in several units

Organization of cost options for inventory:

  • quantitative
  • by identified cost
  • at average prices

Organization of various options for writing off stocks:

  • by identified cost
  • average price method
  • LIFO method
  • FIFO method

Organization of document flow on the approved regulations for processing documents at the enterprise:

  • accounting of receipts with automatic calculation of prices for posting, moving, debiting, sales
  • accounting of raw materials
  • inventory accounting
  • inventory accounting on commission
  • accounting of LVI and workwear
  • accounting of finished products
  • accounting for inter-object movement (between different structural units)
  • inventory, revaluation
  • document chaining
  • accounting of precious metals in inventory
  • power of attorney accounting

Document processing is performed in accordance with the regulations described by means of the designer of business processes and document flows of IT-Enterprise system. The regulation allows defining the roles of those involved in the processing of documents and the procedure for processing documents.

Typical forms of printing primary documents are supported. There is a flexible configuration of additional forms of printing receipts and expenditure documents.

Organization of accounting registers:

Formation of records in accounting registers is carried out on the basis of the document flow by means of typical business transactions (pre-configured algorithms for the formation of accounting entries)

Special abilities:

  • formation of documents by sample/based on
  • bulk document processing
  • automatic conversion of units of measurement and prices into the accounting unit of measure when generating documents
  • control of the formation of negative balances in the processing of documents
  • support of real and “reserve” documents of posting, sale and transfer of material values
  • modes for confirming the internal movement of materials by the receiving unit
  • closing of the reporting month in the whole enterprise or for each department, rollback (cancellation) of the month’s closing
  • testing for deviations between operational accounting and accounting

The organization of the accumulation of actual costs for semi-finished products (PAU) in the production process for calculation items:

  • calculating the nomenclature of documents
  • flexible customization of the list of calculation items for accounting of balances
  • automated calculation of costing in consumption documents
  • formation of analytical and regulatory reporting
  • turnover balance for inventory for an arbitrary period with decoding by motion documents, requisite composition, accounting analytics (according to customized accounting options)
  • inventories stock by periods
  • turnover list of precious metals
  • stock age composition
  • reverse synthetic balance sheets
  • registers of documents by departments, materially responsible persons

Reporting tools (designer of tabular and crosstab reports, reports of irregular structure) allow you to customize any forms of source documents and summary reports.

Numerous analysis tools offered by IT-Enterprise system (turnover balance sheets, grid lists, account cards, analytics cards, etc.) provide summary information in sections and with the degree of detail required for accounting and management accounting.


of our system

Optimization, re-engineering and automation of business processes for accounting of goods and materials inventory and documents flow of goods and material resources

Support of various custom inventory accounting plans

Arranging operational accounting of goods and materials in real time and “today for today” mode where they arise

Optimization of warehouse inventory of goods and materials due to a true balance accounting

Routine processing of documents, control of the documents flow by stages

Minimizing errors in accounting due to automated control at documents entry and processing

Efficient analysis and control tools at all stages of the accounting management

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