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Force BPM

Force BPM & Microsoft Azure

The cloud platform allows you to quickly install the Force BPM service, easily manage server resources and performance, work in a secure information space, easily and quickly scale solutions.


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Easy and simple creation and description of any business processes in accordance with international standards of modeling in notation BPMN 2.0, DMN, CMMN.

Faster and more cost-effective implementation of even the most complex business processes with No Code / Low code technologies.

Graphic business process designer allows you to work together in modeling new processes, as well as easily make changes to existing processes and quickly adapt to market changes.

Built-in business analysis capabilities monitor the performance of business processes, conduct in-depth performance analysis, identify bottlenecks and identify points that need improvement and optimization.

Convenient operational work with tasks and quick decision-making from anywhere in the world.

ForceBPM service allows you to develop and store all business processes, as well as work with them on both client servers and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


of our system

Quick installation.

Deployment of the Cloud Service allows you to instantly start using solutions and quickly transform the company's business processes.

Reliable cloud.

Security is the core value of Azure and Force BPM. Multi-level protection of the platform and the cloud, ensures the confidentiality of company data.

Unlimited scaling.

Cloud platform allows you to quickly analyze the performance of server resources with the ability to quickly expand or automatically scale in specified ranges.

Transition to electronic agreement of contractual documents in real time.

Allows you to significantly reduce the time and complexity of negotiating contractual documents.

Organization of the procedure of iterative, parallel-consecutive coordination and approval of the full package of contractual documents.

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