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Expenses and controlling

Reducing the deviation between the actual and planned prime cost, tolerance up to 30%


What issues the decision closes

Automation of planning, calculating by various procedures, analysis of actual products release

Reducing production costs due to increased efficiency of management

Identifying main reasons of financial inefficiency, accurate determining of expenses and income, increasing management efficiency

Identifying unreasonable expenditures, helping employees increase labor productivity


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

Providing a flexible calculation of production unit prime cost and pricing

A possibility to conduct a detailed analysis of the reasons for deviation between the actual and planned prime cost

A possibility to identify the most profitable and unprofitable clients, the most profitable and unprofitable products and sales channels

A possibility to determine the main reasons of financial inefficiency

Why our solutions

Increasing the accuracy of cost estimates, transactions’ costs
Providing true and detailed information in order to increase the efficiency of enterprise management
Accurate determination of expenditures, revenues and resource requirements
Appropriate changes in production volume, organizational structure and the cost of resources

Still, have questions?

This solution usually goes in the package with others

The following components help to increase the efficiency of the decision