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Repairs and maintenance

Scheduling and resource planning, maintenance budgeting

Obtain a predictable and controllable maintenance cost plan


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Generating graphs (Gantt charts) and repair budgets based on repair strategy, materials and time consumption rates

Developing maintenance cards and all required rates: labor input, manuals, consumption rates, materials purchase plan

Coordinating maintenance deferrals and providing maintenance status information online

Calendar and resource planning of maintenance in IT-Enterprise.EAM system is carried out in compliance with RCM2 methodology. This ensures a high level of reliability of each unit of equipment.

The system allows arranging maintenance by the following strategies:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Time-based maintenance
  • Run-to-failure

A consolidated centralized maintenance plan for maintenance services - mechanics, power engineers, mythologists and contractors shall be calculated at certain intervals (annually, quarterly, monthly, daily, or upon request).

The maintenance is subject to approval by all departments involved.

The system shall automatically amend the equipment operation plan (in “Production planning and capacity utilization” module) according to the maintenance plan.


of our system

Reducing labor costs related to the maintenance plan development

Providing a stage-by-stage maintenance budget approval

Dynamic analysis of maintenance budget and materials procurement plan

Two methods of making maintenance schedules: calendar and operation time based

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