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Industrial Internet of things (IiOT)

Provides online production process control


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Improve production by reducing equipment downtime

Online product quality control allows you to quickly identify and eliminate the causes of spoilage

Глибока інтеграція з бізнес-процесами клієнта дозволяє прискорити і полегшити прийняття управлінських рішень

Deep integration with the business processes allows you to speed up and facilitate management decisions

Data collection on the equipment status allows you to schedule equipment repairs before the malfunction causes production to stop

Monitoring of compliance of the technological modes by the personnel in the online mode

GPS trackers and NFC tags optimize logistics

Reducing the cost of production due to the rejection in the early stages of the process chain


of our system

Support of a large number of data transfer protocols: ModBus, ProfiNet, HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT, COM.

A wide range of supported equipment: sensors, industrial controllers, electric meters, GPS trackers, NFC tags, webcams and much more

The manager is always informed about what is happening in production at the current time, and in the past.

Advanced aggregation and storage algorithms

Automatic control of technological regimes and safety rules compliance, which reduces the scrap rate and increases production safety

IT-Enterprise.IIoT allows you to determine the signs of an imminent failure of equipment and make scheduled preventive repairs

Due to the connection to the equipment by the methods stipulated by the manufacturer, the warranty is preserved

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