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Communications management

We will provide effective communication between the employees of the company and the interaction between the employees and the system


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Fast and effective search and information exchange in the social network format

Notification of personnel by means of management system or other users about events, in accordance with official duties

Rapid response to all events using multilateral communications in the social network format

Mailing management - creating lists, targeting audience, mass mailing, receiving feedback from e-mail marketing.

During work process, it is important to maintain interaction with colleagues and clients, while not interrupting the performance of current tasks. IT-Enterprise system allows you to carry out efficient and effective communication, exchange information, respond to important informational events and notify your colleagues and clients about them.

Search and share corporate information in a social network format

  • Search for information on leads, deals, contractors, contact persons
  • Subscribe to feeds directly in the Hubber mobile app
  • Comments on publications as an opportunity to discuss issues with colleagues immediately before publication
  • Chats with an arbitrary number of participants on various topics
  • Push notifications of new posts
  • Customizable publish filters
  • Configuring and managing chat bots - virtual buddies (programs) that allow you to perform many useful tasks using verbal instructions

Alerting staff about events and responding to events

  • Quick notification of personnel by the system or other users, according to the job descriptions of each employee
  • Involvement of all employees in the system for receiving instant prompts, orders, notifications, responses and other options
  • The ability to quickly respond to events in the form of a "verbal" response or actions in the corporate system

Newsletter management

  • Creating mailing letter templates with modern design and support for formatting tools
  • Maintaining and updating mailing lists, which allows you to flexibly manage the audience of each email message
  • The implementation of mass mailings targeted messages to potential customers
  • Tracking the reaction of recipients of mailing lists: opening letters, clicking on links, unsubscribing
  • Analysis of the conducted mailings, search for the most effective ways of conveying information and increasing the conversion from leads to sales

of our system

Our employees search for required information and the system automatically provides them with all important data

Chat bots allow significantly reducing time to perform many routine tasks

A corporate social network provides a quick and efficient search of different information: contacts on deals, data on the employees, events, changes in design-engineering documents

An efficient exchange of information related to production and other activities of the corporation, using organizational vertical alignments, without using the subordinate-superior-superior-subordinate schedule

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