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Electronic payment system

Automate the process of payment documents exchange with banks using the advanced communication means


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Export/import of payment orders/bank statements to the Client Bank system

Downloading payment orders, salary information from the "Client-Bank" system

Loading bank statements from the "Client-Bank" system

Currency rates and counterparties details actualization

Automatic systematization of the bank statements management

The electronic payment system implemented in IT-Enterprise system is intended to automate the process of exchanging payment documents with specialized hardware and software of banks. These specialized bank funds are usually called “Client-Bank”, which reveals their main purpose - to provide electronic exchange of payment documents between the client (enterprise) and the bank. Electronic exchange of documents is carried out using modern means of communication, such as e-mail, the Internet. This approach allows you to speed up the process of making payments and allows you to get the most adequate status of current payment transactions.


of our system

Turnkey solutions for integration of the system with banking payment services

An option of individual development of the communication module with banking payment systems

An option to connect a separate data exchange module for each settlement, current and foreign currency account of the company

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