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We will help maintain a large number of contacts with companies and their employees, whose work may lead to an agreement


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Lead generation of the maximum quantity

Effective customer base management, its constant updating, replenishment and expansion

Marketing communications and customer communication channels management

Customer segmentation to build the most effective interaction strategies

Marketing events and campaigns management

Knowledge management

Customer base management

  • The system stores the actual database of contractors and contact persons containing all necessary information and functionality for prompt communication with them
  • The entire history of customer interaction is stored in the system and can be easily found and analyzed if necessary
  • The system allows you to replenish data on contractors and contact persons through information obtained from the official websites of client companies and social networks

Managing marketing newsletters and communication channels

  • The system allows you to customize the parameters of marketing newsletters and other communication channels, track progress and evaluate the effectiveness and reaction of recipients (opening letters, clicking on links, responses)
  • Available tools for analyzing the conducted mailings in order to find the most effective ways of conveying information and increasing the conversion from leads to sales
  • Integration with the AdWords contextual advertising service allows you to quickly and efficiently place advertising messages based on the target audience, the size of the budget of the advertising campaign, the keyword toolkit, and also analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Customer segmentation

  • The system allows you to customize flexible segmentation according to the required number of parameters (geographic, socio-demographic, behavioral, etc.), creating target audience for newsletters, events, campaigns and other means of marketing communication

Knowledge database

  • Knowledge database is a source of necessary reference and commercial information. The system allows you to store answers to frequently asked questions, company documentation and regulations, files and links to useful web resources, as well as comment and evaluate the usefulness of these data
  • Knowledge database allows you to effectively determine which information is most often needed by employees of the enterprise, how they assess the level of a particular material, and also to analyze the sphere of their professional interests.
  • Users can create and assign tags to quickly and easily find the required materials, add them to the "Favorites", evaluate the quality of materials using likes

of our system

Collecting and updating various clients information allows understanding their needs and building personal communication in the best possible way

Segmentation allows efficiently managing clients’ selections of any complexity

It is possible to conduct performance analysis of any marketing activities through a comprehensive assessment of all parameters and conditions

Collection and exchange of useful information within the enterprise provide improving the level of professional competences and an effective feedback

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