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Retail chain management ecosystem for Delta Sport: implementation of POS and electronic cash registers

Retail chain management ecosystem for Delta Sport: implementation of POS and electronic cash registers
scale500 employeeskpimanagement ecosystem for a retail chain
ProductSalesProject time6 months (phased implementation)
year of briefcase2023geographyUkraine
IndustryRETAILcustomerDelta Sport

Delta Sport has a sports and fashion retail chain of more than 40 stores in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It also distributes Nike, Converse, Helly Hansen, and Speedo in 10 countries.

To build effective sales processes, the company launched a comprehensive project for the ERP system replacement and upgrade in 2023. It started with creating an ecosystem for retail management based on the no-code/low-code IT-Enterprise platform. At the first stage, the project team introduced software for the cashier's workstation (Point of sales, POS) to ensure prompt execution of sales-related business processes

Another objective was to ensure the support of fiscal operations at the POS through implementing up-to-date electronic cash registers (ECR).


To begin with, the project teams of Delta Sport and IT-Enterprise outlined the following stages of implementation:

  1. Point of sales (POS) (Cashier’s workstation)

The POS software consolidates all tasks connected with the sale, exchange, and return of goods, as well as the support of various payment types (cash, certificates, etc.)

  • POS configuration
    The Equipment configuration tab shows options for connecting various devices (barcode scanners, scales, cash registers, or POS terminals for acquiring). Also, there is a log of all events and actions done with the equipment.

  • Multiple cash registers
    It is possible to work with multiple cash registers at one POS, connect several POS terminals and Internet acquiring.

  • Main sales window: receipt formation
    By default, the main sales window in POS works with barcode scanners and requires the presence of a responsible seller. Other available options:
    > adding goods through the catalog/barcode scanner;
    searching for goods by barcode;
    marking goods with a promotion;
    hints for offering free bonuses (packaging, handouts, etc.).

  • Discount
    Discount coupons are available directly in the CRM system. When redeemed, they are verified by the software.

    The items to which the coupon is applied are automatically marked in the Receipt.
    A discount can also be entered manually in the main POS interface (for the entire receipt or separate items).
  • Receipt payment
    The Receipt includes the price, discount, and total for each item. Below, the software shows the total without a discount, then bonuses, coupons, discounts (if any), and the total to be paid.

    The customer may pay for the purchase with bonuses, certificates, cash, or by card. The provided amount is entered in the Receipt, and the change is automatically calculated and added to the receipt.

    Applying bonuses requires two-factor authentication and checking the status of the certificate: active/redeemed. Also, the customer's balance is checked after they have paid for the entire purchase with one certificate.

    Pending receipts can be enabled in the POS settings. They are used in case the customer decides to put the sales process on hold. The cashier can then suspend the receipt and continue to serve other customers, thus preventing long waiting times at the checkout.
  • Refund
    Returned items can be searched for by receipt / by customer / by period. To make a refund, the cashier needs to select a receipt and the items to be refunded. POS controls the refund of the required amount considering the payment method (cash, card, certificate, etc.).

  • Shift information
    General information on the shift includes data for each cash register, revenue, and item returns with details on the refund method (cash, card, certificate, etc.). This information is displayed in the X-report (printable if necessary).

    Shift closure is done through the Z-report on the fiscal ECR and in the POS.

    After introducing POS in the first two Nike stores, the Delta Sport internal team is currently replicating the solution in other stores.
  1. Electronic cash register (ECR)

ECR is installed as an app on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other gadget with an operating system and Internet connection.

  • ECR
    Automation of fiscal accounting helps to quickly register an ECR when opening a new outlet or online store and provides customers with convenient access to e-Receipts.

    1. Support for local and network operating modes;
    2. Logging all information sent to the State Tax Service of Ukraine (STS);
    3. Logging all ECR transactions;
    4. Isolation of clients from each other;
    5. Viewing all requests to the STS in a convenient format;
    6. Chatbot support in offline mode.
  • Receipt and e-Receipt
    Product naming settings are available in the Receipt (changes are made at the level of product types in the respective Directory).

    One can print non-fiscal information in the Receipt, such as credited/debited bonuses, QR code for checking the receipt and the barcode (for convenient scanning in case of return).

Electronic receipts, created by ECR, have the same legal force and are equivalent to physical receipts.

Key indicators

Below are the KPIs of the POS and ECR implementation project in Delta Sport:

Ecosystem Introduced the unified no-code/low-code IT-Enterprise platform, which provides seamless integration of ERP, CRM, POS and ECR
Usability and convenience Optimized the number of actions in sales operations thanks to the up-to-date UI/UX POS interface
Electronic fiscal receipts A modern method of forming receipts and sending them to the customer (via messengers, email, etc.)
Easy scalability Development of the implementation project by the company’s own IT center and support team

The result of the project was the upgrade of the POS and ECR software, a higher speed and better manageability of all sales business processes.

Learn more about management solutions for retail, the Point of sales (POS) software (Cashier’s workstation) and electronic cash registers (ECR) from IT-Enterprise in this video

Benefits of digital partnership with IT-Enterprise as shared by Delta Sport here

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