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Payroll accounting

We will help reduce labor costs for payroll and report generation.


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Automation of all payroll related processes

Formation of the planned salary fund for any period, reports and analysis

Maintaining personal accounts of staff for main and secondary job employees

Calculation of vacations, sick leave, other documents generation with payment for the average (government obligations, business trips, etc.)

Payroll (all charges, deductions and taxes) for basic and combined positions

Payments formation in the inter-settlement period, automatic accounting of expenses on fuel at the calculation of wages (advance, bonuses, payments to holidays, etc.)

Calculation of part-time salary taking into account the company peculiarities in the calculation and distribution of part-time salary

Formation of payment sheets and payment information

Calculation of deductions to funds

Accounting and analysis of wage arrears

Maintaining the archive for the selected time period

Automatic reporting in accordance with the law

Automation of the full payroll cycle (including piecework) for all categories of personnel provides a reduction in labor costs, minimizes errors in calculations and ensures the formation of all the necessary reporting for regulatory bodies.

Payroll planning

The calculation of the planned payroll and comparing it with the actual costs provides information for analyzing and finding ways to optimize the cost of labor.

The formation of the planned payroll is performed by various means:

  • in accordance with the staffing schedule, the planned number of employees for the billing period
  • including additional payments and allowances according to the staffing table, as well as taking into account the payments  provided for individual employees or groups of employees
  • including regular payments to employees in accordance with the available number for the period of calculation of the planned payroll
  • in accordance with production plans using regulatory data for piecework workers

Calculation of the planned payroll is performed for different periods, with preservation of information on past calculations. Formation of various sets of categories of employees, by period, by cost items.


Automation of all processes for the calculation and payment of wages and remuneration to any category of staff.

Basic functions:

  • maintaining personal accounts of staff for the main and combined positions
  • payroll for various types of charges for both the main and combined positions
  • calculation of various types of deductions (taxes, loans, credits)
  • calculation of leaves, returns from vacation, sick leaves, documents paid on average (state liabilities, business trips, donor, etc.)
  • formation of payments in the inter-accounting period, automatic accounting of these amounts when calculating wages (advance, bonuses, payments for holidays, etc.)
  • formation of settlement sheets and all types of payroll, the formation of data for transfer to the bank for payment
  • formation of deductions to funds
  • salary debt accounting
  • payroll archive for an arbitrary period of time
  • generation of various reports, codes, registers and references

Single desktop.

According to the results of payroll:

  • accounting entries are generated - the distribution of calculated accruals and deductions for cost items and balance sheet
  • ccounts; gross expenditures on the relevant amounts are taken into account;
  • individually according to the personnel numbers, payroll payments are made on the payroll of the enterprise to the funds
  • tipulated by the current legislation

There are developed tools for accounting and analysis of wage arrears:

  • status on accrued and paid wages by month of accrual
  • status of total debt, total turnover on the accrual and payment of salary in the context of units for a given date
  • debt and settlement status in the context of each employee by accrual periods as of any date

Piece wages

There are ample opportunities for the calculation of piecework wages, taking into account the peculiarities of its accrual and distribution that have taken shape in the company.

Different types of orders allow you to implement the calculation by any method:

Individual and crew orders

Many options for data entry, composition and calculation of documents: taking into account data on products/services, standard and actual values (time, quantity, pricing, etc.)

Distribution of piecework wages among employees:

  • by actual time, including LPC, including HTR of employee or work
  • in accordance with the configured algorithm by type of accrual (in general, by interest to the calculation base, to the types of work)
  • multi-stage algorithms for the distribution of piecework wages by priorities of work performed and types of working time, taking into account various coefficients and additional payments

Formation of documents for the calculation of piecework wages:

  • automatically according to the documents for the development of semi-finished products and products or the provision of services/works
  • manual addition of documents with all the necessary information for the calculation
  • for an arbitrary period (for each day/shift, for week, for month, etc.)

of our system

A flexible differentiation of access rights provides information confidentiality

A transparent payroll accounting procedure, interaction with all personnel related procedures (staff schedule, personnel, time record)

Accountant’s desktop: all source documents are ready at hand while calculating and checking; an option to customize the desktop is provided

Versatility: a unified formula designer for payroll, totals and budgets; a detailed description and examples of application

Reducing labor input related to payroll accounting, minimizing errors

Compliance with the law, a timely introduction of changes

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