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Master data management (MDM)

Aggregate, unify and synchronize all master data stored in different information systems of the enterprise; create a unified digital environment


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Generation of a unified digital environment for processing all master data of the enterprise or holding

Organization of the master data management center to process all data used in the business processes

Unification and classification of all master data

Standardization of reference data exchange protocols between different systems

Corporate master data management

Providing the employees with up-to-date and high-quality master data

Generation of consolidated analytic reports

Providing master data integrity

While automating the enterprise management, it becomes necessary to find a solution that would allow combining and synchronizing all main data (manufacturing resources classifiers), which are stored in various information systems of the enterprise or holding. As the main data (data about the clients, products, services, technologies, materials etc.) are relatively rarely subject to change, and, at the same time they contain an important information required for business operations, they are often called as “master data”, and the data management tool as MDM (Master Data Management). The other name is “reference data”. The solution offered by IT-Enterprise system allows efficiently managing all main and reference data, easily integrating corporate systems of one holding and creating a unified information space as a result.

The solution fulfills the following tasks.

  • Managing directories of contractors, divisions, products, half-finished products, parts, assembly units and modifications thereof, standard products, tools, equipment, rigging, regulatory technical documents etc.
  • Managing information on product types, substitutes for materials, half-finished products, parts and assembly units
  • Generating names of manufacturing resources according to GOST and calculation formulas
  • Managing integrity of information to be classified, supporting cascade information updates
  • Classifier access management; management of design-engineering service zoning by groups of resources and users’ roles
  • Support of a multi-language classifier
  • Support of classifiers’ corporate nature: approval of classifications of various enterprises and specifying various features of the enterprises for a common corporate resource code
  • Routine procedures for establishing classifiers – management of approval, adding and changing the nomenclature of materials, parts, half-finished products, rigging etc.
  • Supply of a pre-configured general machine building classifier with over 1000 filled in facet directories  

Hierarchic and facet coding

While generating main data, hierarchic and fact classification and coding systems are most widely used. The first one provides a large information capacity and is well adapted to process information and create codes for classification objects; however it is not flexible enough for use. The second one allows easily classifying a lot of objects with a certain set of features (facets), is flexible for use, however its information capacity is lower. The solution offered by IT-Enterprise system supports both, hierarchic and facet coding:

  • hierarchic classification allows creating many levels of nested hierarchy
  • facet classification shall be executed by selected groups of resources; at the same time, optional facets shall be created with specified accepted values (for example, a facet “Steel grades” and the list of grades, or a facet “Strength grade of fasteners” and the list of strength grades)
  • an automated generation of codes of manufacturing resources according to the specific parameters and facet values shall be provided

of our system

Unified workflow for procedural maintenance of all reference data

Data corporativity support with an option to specify various features of the enterprise for a unified corporate entity

All-round protection against duplication and a possibility of integration with any systems

Multilanguage processing of all reference data

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