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Receivables and payables management

Manage receivables and payables for: 1) reducing the risk of bad debtors 2) increasing sales using an effective credit policy


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Management of receivables and payables for each reporting date with different levels of details

Use of credit limits in the management of accounts receivable

Set-offs and debts write-offs

ABC-analysis, turnover and quality of accounts receivable monitoring

Estimate of possible expenses related to receivables and accounts payable

Price policy for different groups of counterparties generation from the point of view of compliance with them payment discipline, credit history

Building a personnel motivation system based on compliance with levels of accounts receivable and payable

Autogeneration and dispatching of tasks, payment documents for supporting critical or other conditions of contracts of levels of payables and accounts receivable

Management of accounts receivable and payable

The module provides automation of accounting of settlements with contractors in all areas of accounting of settlements: with suppliers, contractors, customers, clients, other debtors and creditors.

Provision is made for the formation of turnover balance sheets of debt accounting in various sections:

  • by contractors
  • by contracts
  • by supporting documents – financial regulatory documents
  • by documents (operational settlement documents)
  • by departments
  • by articles of analytical accounting and arbitrary types of analytics, etc.

The calculation and analysis of consolidated receivables and payables by organizations is carried out:

  • by reporting periods
  • by organizations and regions
  • by aging – the structure of debt by periods
  • by accounting sections – the structure of debt by sections
  • by increase/decrease of debt by period
  • by divisions of services
  • by «initiators» of debt
  • by managers responsible for product sales
  • by periods of aging debt, etc.

of our system

Maintaining parallel accounting of tax liabilities settlements, by confirmed/unconfirmed tax credit

Generating a consolidated card file of settlements with contractors for an arbitrary period

Generation of accounts reconciliation statements with the company for any period in the accounting currency, in any analytic currency

Tracking the entire debt chain: from the total amount to the primary document

Graphical representation of indicators for assessment of receivables and payables

Supporting various debt management models in the regulated and management accounting

A large amount of analytic breakdowns while registering and representing receivables and payables

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