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Accounting compliant to international financial reporting standards (IFRS)

Implement accounting and financial reporting in accordance with international standards


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Accounting and reporting in accordance with IFRS

Parallel accounting according to different standards

Transformation of consolidated accounts

IT-Enterprise system allows you to maintain accounting records and generate financial statements in accordance with the requirements of international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

The following accounting options are possible:

  • parallel accounting according to national and international standards for all operations. In this case, each operation is reflected in two accounts, and at the end of the period additional corrective operations are performed for accounting under IFRS. Reporting is formed independently according to each of the records
  • accounting in accordance with the provisions (standards) of accounting
    (P(S)A) and transformation only of consolidated financial statements
  • accounting under IFRS, the use of IFRS accounting methods instead of P(S)A standards

The system also allows you to allocate calculations for related parties, which is necessary for the formation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with the requirements of IFRS.


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A simple configuration of accounting procedures and business processes using IT-Enterprise design tools

Efficient analysis and control tools at all stages of the accounting management

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