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Production growth by up to 60%. Reducing products release terms by up to 25%.


What issues the decision closes

Estimating the orders schedule based on the actual operating rates of the enterprise

Finding bottlenecks and increasing the production capacity of the enterprise

Providing information about each operation to be completed, as well as the location of each production lot at any moment of time

Monitoring deviation between the actual and planned production prime cost

Online monitoring of equipment – which operation is being performed, what is the reason of equipment down time

Complete identification of production lots using barcoding, iBeacon

Maintaining a balance of production speed and product quality


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

Reducing the time of orders processing within the production process by 10-30%

Reducing the work-in-progress by 5-10%

Reducing overtime work by 10-15%, avoiding emergency job

Reducing the finished products stock by 10-15%

Executing the production orders in time

Increasing production capacity without increasing the equipment fleet

Monitoring actual production load

Operational accounting of goods and materials

Why our solutions

IT-Enterprise implements the Industry 4.0 concept in order to manage your production
Complete coverage of production management business processes – from strategic planning to minute by minute completing the tasks
It is based on global standards and production management concepts: MRPII, S&OP, APS, MES
Typical industry solutions with ready field-proven business processes

Still, have questions?

This solution usually goes in the package with others

The following components help to increase the efficiency of the decision