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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Online production processes tracking and accounting for each batch of products by barcodes


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Quick passing to the personnel electronic tasks for manufacturing, changeover and preparatory-auxiliary operations

Real-time manufacturing tracking

Manage repairable spoilage and final spoilage

Container accounting and technological modes of equipment operation

Production cost accumulation on batches during the production processes

Decision making based on detailed tracking of personnel and equipment

Performance analysis of each employee and work center

Manufacturing Execution System

Taking production under operational control, you will receive accurate answers to the following questions:

  • What orders are currently in production?
  • What operation is performed now on each order?
  • What is happening now at any work center?
  • Where, when and in what quantity the defect is detected? Who is responsible for this?
  • How much does the product actually cost at this stage of production?
  • What is the volume of work in progress and where is the work in progress?

Monitoring production processes can be performed on a mobile device with a browser from anywhere in the world. To ensure control, it is necessary to establish operational production accounting.

MES (manufacturing execution system, system of managing production processes) — specialized system designed to solve problems of synchronization, coordination, analysis and control of production in the framework of production. MES-systems belong to the class of workshop level control systems, but can also be used for integrated production management in the enterprise as a whole.

MES system provides a convenient and always-at-hand tool that allows you to:

  • quickly receive tasks for the manufacture, changeover, execution of preparatory and auxiliary operations
  • receive information on the status of production orders and production targets
  • view drawings, technological processes and standards
  • in real time register events of the beginning and end of tasks
  • record equipment downtime with specifying reasons for downtime
  • see event history on production orders
  • track internal manufacturing process

Production accounting

IT-Enterprise applies documentary accounting in production. By registering information on the progress of production, you automatically ensure the calculation of the stock of materials in work in progress, as well as take account of production and other production events.

Traditionally, enterprises carry out production accounting of three types independently of each other:

  • accounting of production in the form of production and transfer between production units of semi-finished products (PAU)
  • accounting of losses for write-off of raw materials, materials, components
  • remuneration of the main production workers and comparison with the production of products/semi-finished products/PAU

The main production documents are:

  • act of production of part operations with the write-off
  • dispatch invoice
  • documents of registration and correction of defect

When you start online registration of production events, the specified documents are generated automatically.

Accounting of production is carried out using a basic document, which is the act of production, combining several functions:

  • fixing the production of part operations
  • write-off of materials/incoming for production
  • payroll accrual
  • accumulation of costs

In such a way, mistakes, registrations and discrepancies between different types of records to each other are eliminated.


of our system

Batch traceability of the entire production process: from batches of raw materials to finished products

Real-time accounting of production processes due to deep integration of the system with the equipment

Active use of mobile platforms for accounting at the place of the information origin

Barcode and QR-coding, minimization errors caused by human factor

Deep integration of operational tasks into production planning

Automatic accounting of deviations and performance indicators calculation

Industrial Internet of Things technologies used in the system allows you to organize reliable accounting and control of production processes

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