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Project management

Project scope and life management

We will provide a toolkit for effective project management of any complexity


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Project integration management

Project content management

Project terms management

Project cost management

Project quality management

Human Resource Management of the project

Project Communication Management

Project Risk Management

Project Procurement Management

One of the first tasks to be solved when implementing this module is to create a unified register of projects, portfolios and programs of the company’s activities, indicating the priority, status, budget, deadlines and responsible persons for each project. The register of projects and programs at large enterprises may contain several thousand projects. After creating project registry, fixing all project costs is already done in relation to the corresponding order or orders associated with this project.

Project planning

The main interface of the module is based on the classical approach to the automation of project management and is a hierarchical structure of the associated works with Gantt chart.

Planning of work in projects is carried out according to two methods:

  • by the critical path method (CPM)
  • by method of plan evaluation and revision (PERT)

For each task, the time of its execution is determined (for CPM) either the pessimistic, optimistic, and most likely execution time (for PERT) Then, according to the project, based on the current state of its implementation, the critical path for each work is calculated - early and late dates of commencement and completion.

Monitoring the timeline and budget of the project

Due to the maintenance of numerous financial documents related to the stages of the project, it is possible to calculate a large number of analytical indicators: initial, planned and agreed labor intensity and cost, labor intensity and cost of work performed.



of our system

A quick project structuring

Batch processing of lines for a multiple setting of random task details

Processing all types of links

Visual editing / adding tasks and links

Copying data from random sources (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, clipboard contents)

Cutting, copying and pasting project branches, both, inside the project and from other projects available

A flexible access setup to project segments

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