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Manage the financial results and performance of your company with the revenue and expenditure budget


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Formation of the income and expense budget for different profit centers

Preparation of plans for sales, production, inventories, purchases, total manufacturing costs, labor costs, commercial costs, general and administrative costs

Using various algorithms for calculating the planned and actual values ​​of the budget, adjusting the relationship between financial and non-financial indicators

Actual execution control and estimation of deviations from budget values ​​in different analytical sections

Support of various methods and approaches in budget formation: "from achieved", "top to bottom", "bottom to top", "mixed", "fixed", flexible budgets

Independent formation of the consolidated budget by several groups of budget developers

Construction of the operational and financial budgets system, analysis of their implementation and interconnection

Income and expense budget (IEB, P&L) determines the economic efficiency of the enterprise. This budget forms the main financial result of the enterprise, that is, its profitability. The functionality of the module provides support for all stages of the budget life cycle.

Among the main features of the module are the following:

  • Ability to describe arbitrary hierarchical structure of budgets, periods and centers of financial responsibility for enterprises and corporations
  • Ability of developing and analyzing various financial and non-financial budgets
  • Flexible customization of your own budgeting model, including the composition of budgets, mechanisms for obtaining and consolidating data
  • Ability of developing and analyzing various alternative budget scenarios: optimistic, pessimistic, optimal, and others
  • Formation of budgets and financial plans on revenues and expenditures in the sections of financial planning items
  • Budgeting for a corporate structure based on data aggregation for user-defined enterprises
  • Setting various algorithms for calculating planned and actual values of the budget, calculating some indicators based on others and saving them in the system for further use in other forms
  • Formation of information is implemented using the mechanism of user procedures
  • Current and long-term planning of income, expenses and cash flow
  • Ability to analyze detailed information on each of the budget indicators
  • Analysis of actual and planned budget performance
  • Monitoring actual financial performance and estimating deviations from budget values
  • Ability of forming and analyzing several budget options that correspond to different market conditions and stages of budget approval
  • Support for various budgeting options: from zero base, from "achieved", "up-down", "down-up", mixed version and others
  • Support of the possibility of independent formation of a consolidated budget by several groups of budget developers
  • Ability to quickly track the execution of budgets in the enterprise document management system
  • Ability to configure user groups for access to financial planning items, determine authorizations for access to articles for each user group




of our system

Arbitrary hierarchic structure for budgets, financial responsibility centers, planning periods

Using financial and non-financial items, indicators for budgets development

A flexible setting up of own budgeting model: budget types, articles / indicators, procedures for obtaining and consolidating data

Implementing alternative scenarios for budgets: optimistic, worst-case, optimal scenarios

Pre-installed and custom procedures for generating budgets interconnections, items and targets

Detailed analytics for each of the budget targets

Operational tracking of budget execution in the enterprise document flow system

Setting-up access to budget items for groups of users, individual users

Using various sources to assess the budgets execution: business transactions journal, regulated reports, documents, arbitrary requests to the information base, external sources

Integration of the budgeting system with the personnel motivation system

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