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Simplifying accounting and tax reporting, reducing preparation terms for regulated accounting and tax reporting by 50%. Increasing information reliability level by up to 100%.


What issues the decision closes

Automation of the enterprise accounting system, a balanced performance assessment, determining the ways to improve it

Automation of fixed and intangible assets accounting, reducing the time and funds spent, minimizing the number of errors

Automation of funds and equivalents accounting, reducing documents processing time, improving accounting accuracy

Automation of accounting of all types of tangible assets, speeding-up documents processing, reducing the number of errors

Automation of all financial settlements operations, avoiding manual labor and the influence of human factor

Reducing production costs due to increased efficiency of management and integration of production accounting with business accounting

Automation of tax accounting, a time efficient tracking of budget settlements status

Automation of accounting reports processing, time efficient control of all accounts’ status, and a quick generation of consolidated reports

Maintenance of accounting and financial reporting compliant to all requirements of international standards


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

The applied model of the accounts system provides flexibility of the software package, its adaptability, efficiency, applicability to various types of enterprise activities

Improving accuracy of inventory results

Reducing the number of employees in charge of processing accounting information

The system has comprehensive tools for connecting with the electronic payments systems "Client-Bank"

The system provides automated accounting on any number of bank accounts in national and foreign currency

Reducing the uploading of bank statements in several times

The calculated summary data may be unfolded in the "drill-down" mode down to the primary document

Why our solutions

Reducing time and funds spent on accounting of all assets of the enterprise and all types of tangible assets
Liquidation of routine manual operations while working with the banks; avoiding the influence of human factor (substitution of typical business transactions, accounts, analytics)
Production and business accounting may be combined into a unified amount and cost system for accounting and calculating production costs
Support of the transformation of the company's summary financial accounting from national standards into international standards compliant to IFRS or US GAAP

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