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Repairs and maintenance

Predictive Maintenance 4.0 — new generation maintenance

Use all advantages, which Industry 4.0 brings into the equipment technical maintenance


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Transition from reactive to predictive maintenance

Implementing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things‎) technologies

Implementing mobile applications SmartEAM

Implementing modern approaches to equipment maintenance: RCM, RBM, TPM, 6σ (Six-Sigma)

Using advanced techniques for handling incidents and equipment failures: RCFA, FMECA

The selection of maintenance method may be different even for the modular machines, since it is carried out considering the "criticality" of a particular unit of equipment; the right approach shall be found for each unit of equipment.

A modern solution IT-Enterprise.EAM meets new needs of the departments for equipment maintenance, corresponding to the era of digital economics:

  • online availability of information received as a result of big data analysis
  • personalization of maintenance
  • versatility and multitasking of staff and equipment
  • prediction and post-prediction of equipment technical condition

of our system

Transition from “Reaction” model to “Prediction” model (Predictive Maintenance)

Relieving the personnel from routine operating statistics data collection

Implementing the best practices of efficient maintenance

Executing RCM-analysis by means of built-in SmartEAM module tools

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