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Force BPM

Force BPM provides unprecedented speed of implementation of new business processes and changes to existing ones. Allows companies to be flexible and responsive to market changes.


What issues the decision closes

Simple and convenient description of business processes, optimization of business processes with the help of cloud service Force BPM.

Ability to manage all your tasks.

Transparency and control of business processes.

Performance analytics for continuous improvement and bottlenecking.

Development of individual process applications on No-Code / Low-Code platform.

Digital transformation of business processes, optimization and digitalization of processes.

Fast startup with simple and fast interface and SaaS solution architecture. Working in the cloud.

The most massive internal processes have been set up and put into operation (example: approval of participation in the tender for sale and approval of a bank guarantee).


can work as a complete system and separately


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

The only library of all company processes:

1. Convenient process description interface with flexible rules for delimiting access to the described processes.

2. Allows you to gather all the business processes of the company in a single information space.

Control of metrics of key processes:

1. Automatic issuance of tasks by processes, the ability to set a time frame for the deadline and collect analytics on the progress of their implementation.

2. Allows you to establish transparent interaction within the company and increase executive discipline.

Transition to the electronic agreement of contractual documents in real time:

1. Allows you to significantly reduce the time and complexity of the negotiation of contractual documents.

2. Organization of the procedure of iterative, parallel-consecutive coordination and approval of the full package of contractual documents.

Unified business processes for all branches:

Introduction of uniform rules of operation for the entire branch network of the company with control and monitoring at the level of the company's head office.

Why our solutions

Use of end-to-end business processes, unification of documents, duplication of information in different services has been eliminated, the number of documents has been reduced.
Tasks Web & Mobile applications for business process participants, Analytics applications for process performance analysis and business activity monitoring.
Modern architecture and No-Code / Low-Code platform.
Force BPM allows you to solve the most important tasks of the industry by integrating and interacting with many other software companies.

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