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Repairs and maintenance

Accounting and control over equipment technical condition

Centralized system of online monitoring and analysis of equipment status


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Determining indicators for operational analysis of equipment status

Management of equipment diagnostics and inspection data

Arranging measurement of technical condition parameters

Automatic generation of messages regarding equipment malfunction

The system provides visualization of industrial equipment status represented by its location map with status indication.

The system provides flexible methods for recording operational statistics:

  • Calendar operation time
  • Operation time for a period (for example, shift or daily operation time)
  • Down time registration
  • One-time operation time represented by separate starts
  • Equipment operation time “sheet”
  • Operation time to be indicated in specified units of measure by meters and gauges

Operational statistics shall be automatically recorded in the system for each unit of equipment and for equipment group.

Operational statistics registration forms may be both, traditional, represented by operation time logs, and represented by data acquisition from Production Engineering Process Automated Management System. Data may be registered online, in hourly, shift, daily, periodic mode or upon request.

In addition to data on operation time, equipment performance indicators are provided. A signaling system may be installed, which shall be activated when boundary indicators are reached. So, when potential or functional failure indicators reach their boundary value, the related signaling system is activated and the required maintenance type is planned.


of our system

Immediate information about equipment failures

Prediction of equipment failure based on trends

Equipment status indication by zones: green, yellow, red

Arranging the procedures of periodic (cyclic) equipment diagnostics

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