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Reducing the preparation cycle for design-engineering documents by 40-60 %. Reducing time to amend the design-engineering documents and to bring those to the key units by 40%.


What issues the decision closes

Unifying and synchronizing all master data stored in different information systems of the enterprise

Generation of a regulatory database, which shall provide an efficient and comprehensive production preparation

saving sufficient funds that may be lost while Integration of an ERP-system and a CAD-system in a unified information space, a sufficiently speeded up new products designing process, developing failure projects

Providing storage of all engineering documents in a unified information space; increasing information storage reliability and confidentiality

Formation of optimal production plans, minimization of the cost of raw materials and materials for prescription production

Automation of business processes management, reducing the time for completion thereof

Finding “bottle-necks” in R&D business processes; assisting the employees to improve their productivity


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

Generating a unified classifier of products, parts, assembly units, tools, design-engineering documents etc.

A preset general machine building classifier with 1000 filled in facet directories

Providing integration with the most popular CAD systems

Considering specific features of work organization for the process service at large enterprises

General models design tool for calculation of design and process parameters

Automation of documents development, approval, change and storage in different formats

Why our solutions

We reduce time and costs spent on designing new products; provide integration with available CAD system
Based on the completeness analysis of design and engineering documents, we quickly determine the lack of any norms, technical procedures by products and assemblies
We increase the quality of document flow due to process transparency for all participants, regulation and monitoring tools
We increase personnel awareness and communication

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