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Quality management

We will help you bring production quality control processes to a new level


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Quality control and accounting organization at all stages of the production process

Measurement procedures organization in the form of determining quality requirements, measurement planning and execution control

Classification, monitoring and analysis of inconsistencies and their causes

Identification of the production process in order to track the results from the beginning to the end of the process and in the reverse order

Statistical quality control using the control charts, testing for serial production and advanced technical process

Access to the results of quality control

Module "Quality Management" is designed to control the quality of the production process of manufacturing products in accordance with the requirements set out in accordance with GOST/IS/ES, technical conditions (TC), customer requirements, approved technological processes and regulatory documents. The module covers the functions of the production units, the central factory laboratory, the departments of technical control and acceptance, etc.

Module “Quality Management” complies with the international standards of the ISO 9001 series.

Flexible quality setting system

To determine the quality requirements, IT-Enterprise system supports a flexible system for setting quality characteristics (process parameters, indicators) and assigning them to the appropriate range of raw materials, materials, products and semi-finished products.

For each quality characteristic, the applicability of the characteristic to the control stage, to the product/semifinished product, normalized values and control points of characteristics, range limits, accuracy, dimensionality and units of measurement of characteristics, formulas for checking characteristic values, types of statistical control for characteristics, etc. are determined. For secondary characteristics, an arbitrary calculation formula is configured through the primary characteristics.

A classification of the kinds, types, causes and perpetrators of inconsistencies (defects) according to the stages of the production process is carried out.

Since the production process of each batch or unit of product/semi-finished product has its own deviations, the registration of quality characteristics should be made separately for each batch and/or unit of production/ semi-finished product. Therefore, a necessary condition for building an effective quality management system for the production process is:

  • Developing at the enterprise the detailed batch accounting of production at all stages and redistribution. In this case, a batch can mean both a serialized item, a unit, a part, and a component
  • Registration of the "actual entry" of batches into each other in the form of accounting for the consumption of batches of raw materials and semi-finished products for batches of semi-finished products and finished products across all conversions and, thus, ensuring a "batch" traceability of the entire process of manufacturing products from batches of raw materials to finished products and from the finished products "backwards"

of our system

Flexible system for setting quality characteristics: parameters of technological processes and indicators

A single repository of all quality characteristics for all production processes, batches and places

Electronic forms for entering quality characteristics

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