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Contracts management

We will help to automate all stages of work with contracts: preparation, agreement, execution


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Automation of contract management, single card filing, electronic negotiation and visualization

Registration of contracts and changes to them in the general registry

Electronic agreement and document endorsing

Formation of contracts texts for arbitrarily chosen templates

Maintaining specifications for contracts

Reconciliation acts for the contracts generation

Execution control by sums and nomenclature

Personal responsibility of managers at all stages of the contract life cycle

The system allows to automate work on contract management at all stages of their life cycle: approval, maintenance of specifications, performance analysis, payment control and payment terms under contracts, support of archives.

Maintaining card file of contracts and changes to contracts

  • A single card file of contracts and amendments to them provides the following features:
  • Maintaining different types of contracts, flexible sharing of access to contract types for user groups.
  • Registration of contracts, agreements
  • Automatic numbering of contracts. Conducting parallel numbering
  • Fixation of contract parameters - status, period of validity, type of activity, field of activity, type of contract, initiator, subdivision and contractor, type of settlement, terms of settlement, currency and contract value, base currency of settlements, etc.
  • Contract archive support
  • Formation of the text of the contract based on the prepared templates
  • Storage of original contracts and versions of their preparation
  • Registration of protocols for approval and settlement of contracts. Analysis of their passage and timing of approval
  • Registration of additional agreements to amend the terms of the contract. Making changes

Agreement approval

The system allows you to automate the procedure for negotiating contracts, for which the following methods and procedures are used:

  • electronic contract approval
  • remote approval, mobile approval
  • typical and unique regulations
  • formation of packages of originals to sheets of approval
  • typical approval routes for internal and external contracts
  • electronic digital signatures (EDS)

Maintaining specifications for contracts

  • The main features provided by the system for maintaining specifications to the contracts are listed below.
  • Description of different types of specifications for contracts: for the supply of products, for the purchase of goods and materials, for services, etc., the possibility of forming and analyzing the execution of several types of specifications under one contract
  • Description of specifications for consignees/consignors, terms of delivery and payment
  • Description of the nomenclature (products, services, goods and materials) according to the specifications, fixing the quantity, prices and deadlines. The ability to set prices in any analytical currency
  • Extracting documents according to specifications, linking the nomenclature of documents to the nomenclature of specifications for performance analysis
  • Control of prices and quantities in documents in accordance with the specifications, the possibility of prohibition of shipment or posting at prices not approved in the contract and in case of exceeding the quantity
  • Tracking changes in the nomenclature of specifications, quantity and prices by periods of changes and periods of validity
  • Analysis of the performance of specifications for the amount and nomenclature
  • Consolidated planning and analysis of the implementation of contracts for nomenclature

Analysis of the execution of contracts

The system provides the following possibilities for analyzing the current situation with the execution of contracts:

  • Preparation of a consolidated analysis of the implementation of contracts at a cost for any period in the currency of contracts, as well as in the currency of analysis for the selected type of exchange rates
  • Description of financial sanctions (fines, penalties, etc.) and the timing of liability under contracts
  • Preparation of acts of reconciliation under contracts for any period
  • Preparation of analytical reports and reports on contracts

Control of payments and payment terms under contracts

To control payments under contracts, as well as payment terms on them, the system provides the following options:

  • Formation of various payment terms under contracts (prepayment, payment after shipment within a specified number of days, partial payments, payment on schedule, from the moment of notification of shipment...) with reference to the terms of payment for arbitrary events of the contractual process
  • Formation of schedules of payments and receipts according to the terms of payment
  • Means of control of payment conditions

The system provides the reflection of calculations under contracts in the accounting contour. The system provides automatic maintenance of turnover statements for settlements in the context of contracts and settlement currencies for each accounting account. The system provides for receiving reports on the progress and current status of contractual obligations for an arbitrary period of time.


of our system

Reducing the risk of late performance of provisions of concluded contracts and payments thereunder

A quick preparation of contracts using templates

Electronic approval and endorsing of contracts

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