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Personnel development

The main enterprise resource is professional employees. We will help to save and develop it.


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Training a team of professionals capable of solving all the tasks facing the company

Formation of post profiles with the corresponding set of competencies

Questionnaires and tests development to determine the candidates and employees level of competencies

Training programs development to increase the employees level of competence

Evaluate staff or candidates according to the job profile

Selection of the most suitable employee according to the profile of the post

Staff development planning and staff career development

Development and improvement of staff performance is one of the most important success factors for any business.

Personnel development includes personnel management service activities aimed at:

  • staff training and development
  • employee adaptation
  • staff/candidate evaluation and job profile check
  • employee career planning
  • personnel reserve management

IT-Enterprise system provides the implementation of all actions for the development of the company's personnel and includes the tools described below.

Competency management

Management of employee position profiles and competencies in accordance with the goals and strategic development plans of the company. Main functions:

  • Developing a job profile with a specific set of competencies in accordance with the goals and strategic development plans of the company and the requirements for the qualifications of employees. A job profile contains a set of necessary competencies, knowledge, skills, work experience, a list of tasks and goals. It also determines the level of each competence that an employee in this position should have
  • Control of staff and candidates compliance with the position profile. Consists of questioning/testing of personnel in relevant areas of the profile
  • Formation of results that allow to draw conclusions about compliance with the profiles of employees and candidates for positions
  • Selection of applicants for the position in accordance with the profile of the position
  • Planning a list of activities to increase the level of competence of employees based on the results of compliance with the profile of the position. Formation of training plans, courses, etc.

Management of staff training

Planning training and retraining of personnel, monitoring and analysis of results. Basic functions:

  • formation of training programs, cycles, groups
  • selection of trainers, accounting trainers from third-party organizations
  • accounting of attendance and performance of employees on classes, certifications
  • formation of data on advanced training based on the results of training

Company staff can independently analyze training plans and programs and apply for the courses interesting for them.


Timely determination of the level of qualification, knowledge, skills of each employee and their comparison with the position the occupy allows the most efficient implementation of the staff distribution and increased efficiency in the use of labor resources.

The system allows you to develop tests and questionnaires, on the basis of which employees or candidates are surveyed and the final results are calculated. It provides:

  • compiling questionnaires/tests of arbitrary structure using various methods
  • placement in questionnaires/tests an arbitrary number of questions and tasks
  • use for each question the scales of measurements of various types
  • drafting standard answers, including those not previously determined
  • conducting questionnaires/testing of both company employees and external candidates for a position
  • formation and storage of the results of questioning/testing, comparison by periods, saving the history of results

Human Resource Management

Operational and prospective personnel reserve provides:

  • quick search for the most appropriate "replacements" for the period of absence of employees (leaves, sick leaves, etc.) or in case of dismissal
  • timely staff rotation

Provides quick access to a variety of information on personnel reserve:

  • work experience, data on previous jobs, reasons and motives for dismissal from previous jobs
  • data on education and advanced training
  • data on family structure, relatives, honorary titles, etc.
  • data on the proposed position and the employee for whom replacement is possible



of our system

Working out an optimal employee development program

Demonstrating hidden professional capabilities by corporate employees

Identifying high potential staff

Increasing employees’ interest in professional growth

Retaining key employees

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