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Prevention of cash deficiency. Transparent analytics. Reducing the level of current assets by 10%.


What issues the decision closes

Prevention of cash deficiency. Transparent analytics. Decreasing the level of current assets by 10%. Financial management of the enterprise in real time on the basis of reliable information on income and expenses

Automation of accounting of settlements with contractors over all sections

Automating development of budget summary forms in order to obtain a true picture of actual and future financial situation at the enterprise


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

The possibility of analyzing the operational payment calendar

Connection with «Client-bank» system: export of payment orders, import of bank statements

Generating a summary master file of payments with organizations for any period

Why our solutions

Determining key indicators for financial management of the enterprise
Generation of accounts reconciliation statements with the company for any period in the accounting currency, in any analytic currency and at any rate.
The option to follow the entire debt chain: from the total debt amount to the primary document
A true and fair picture of the financial state of the enterprise

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Our Clients

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