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Repairs and maintenance

Maintenance efficiency analysis

Manage the maintenance process based on online information and equipment maintenance process dynamics


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Online monitoring of key indicators: Overall Equipment Efficiency, Technical Readiness Factor, Equipment Utilization Factor, equipment operation time

Analyzing maintenance costs by types of equipment and repairs

A customizable indicator display system

Analysis of failure statistics

IT-Enterprise.EAM system helps selecting an efficient equipment maintenance strategy via “Production costs accounting” module.

The efficient maintenance strategy allows:

  • eliminating excess equipment maintenance
  • controlling the risks, implementing safe maintenance procedures
  • maximizing the importance of maintenance (efficiency vs. costs)

of our system

Efficient equipment management: from data to solutions

Look at the maintenance procedure from a new perspective

Bottleneck analysis of both, equipment operated and in business processes used

Online monitoring of key personnel and equipment operation indicators

Analysis of operational personnel involvement in the equipment maintenance processes

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