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Cable and wire, metal production

Features of IT-Enterprise business solutions for the cable and wire industry, which are related to specific production rationing and object accounting of semi-finished and finished products.


Industry problems that our system solves

Better understanding of real profit and loss structure.
Room for margin increase due to transparent product cost structure.

Data-driven decision making.
Increased output with the same production resources.

Faster order processing.
Shorter time to market.
Margine-oriented offering.

Optimal production planning including lengths, tolerance and drums.
Real-time automated production rescheduling.

Taking into account all the restrictions that arise in the production process (availability of equipment, materials).

Waste and scrap reduction, optimal use of energy and natural resources.

Autogenerated digital rolebased production tasks with all parameters.

On-time production orders execution.
Batch/orders traceability.

Life cycle extension.
Breakdown prediction, increased availability.
Parts replacement scheduling.

Tracking expensive tools and gear, stock management.

Structured catalogue of all cable and wire designs.
Comprehensive tool for fast and accurate design & quotation.

Engineering of both materials and technology processes.


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

production on rejects.
material consumption.
total machine downtime.
↓ 10-40%
equipment maintenance cost.
time to market.
labor effectiveness, human-robot collaboration.
costs for inventories holding.

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution

Cable designer

Design for all cable and wire rope types.
Visualization: 2D, 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR).
Manufacturing Bill of Materials.
Single repository of all cable designs.
Faster quotation and higher customer service level.
Shorter time to market.

Smart Factory APS

Master Production Scheduling including lengths, tolerance and drums.
Manufacturing Resource Planning (materials, semi-finished and finished goods, equipment).
Operation bucketing considering Cable & Wire specifics: semi-finished goods, packaging capacity and waste.
Advanced Planning and Scheduling and real-time rescheduling (APS online).
Scenarios simulation.

Smart Factory MES

Autogenerated role-based production tasks: web and mobile interfaces.
Actual production status and OEE dashboards Shorter manufacturing time.
Production accounting and control, minimizing batch costs.
Compliance with standards for material consumption and equipment use.

Smart Quality

Materials quality control.
Continuous real-time quality control.
Traceability of finished goods.
Total Quality Management.

Smart EAM

Higher equipment availability.
Real-time condition monitoring tools and alerts.
Real-time guidelines and tips for.

Digital Twins

Visualization and virtualization of all physical assets and processes.
3D shop floor modeling, Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR).
Online data monitoring, alerts

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