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HRM processes business analysis

HR Business Intelligence — an analysis of personnel information for effective management decisions


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Analysis of data by age and gender

Analysis of personnel rotation

Family status analysis

Analysis of the periods of work in the company

Analysis of personnel qualifications by different indicators

Average wages analysis and salary distribution by employee groups (age, category, position, etc.)

The main task of business intelligence systems (Business Intelligence, BI) - management decision support

The solution to analyze the personnel performance of the company was created specifically for HR managers and allows you to evaluate the personnel structure, personnel policy, as well as to take measures to improve its effectiveness.

BI-system collects the data necessary for decision-making in matters of personnel policy and personnel management, generates visual reports on the composition of staff on age, gender and other grounds.

Collection and analysis of indicators in the context of the company's business units:

  • by age and gender groups
  • by marital status
  • by periods of work in the company
  • data on staff turnover (hired, fired, retired, etc.)

Customized payroll data analysis documents, KPI.


of our system

Ready documents for analysis

Data analysis at runtime

Analysis procedure in “What if” mode

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