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Financial settlements operations

Improve accounting quality, reduce costs and increase transparency


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Accounting for payments with suppliers and contractors

Accounting for settlements with buyers and customers

Accounting for settlements with other debtors-creditors

Accounting for settlements with accountable persons

Formation and analysis of consolidated receivables and payables, analytical reporting

Reconciliation acts formation

Regular processing of primary documents for calculations

The tasks of financial and settlement operations in IT-Enterprise system include the accounting of settlements with contractors:

  • suppliers and contractors
  • buyers and customers
  • other debtors and creditors
  • accountable persons for travel and business expenses

Accounting of settlements with accountable persons:

  • execution of travel orders to detail the calculations with accountable persons in the context of orders
  • advance payment for travels via cash desk, to card accounts
  • the formation of advance reports, the calculation of amounts for advances for foreign exchange costs, the formation of accounting entries for standard transactions. Control of use of accountable amounts
  • printing travel orders, advance reports, analytical transcripts
  • maintenance of working statements for settlements with accountable persons with the required detail for analytics
  • generation of analytical and synthetic accounting reports

Accounting for settlements with contractors

Setting chart of accounts in accordance with the required detail of accounting

Tight integration with the document flow on the movement of goods and materials and FP, the inclusion of “Accounting” stage in the general rules for document processing, automated generation of entries for operational contour documents

Organization of document circulation for accounting of received and rendered works/ services (invoices, acts, payments)

Calendar planning of receipts/payments for settlement documents based on payment terms (event model), making payments i accordance with the approved register of payments

Conducting operations for the assignment of debt and netting, …

Automated closing of advances, offsetting payment upon receipt of goods, works, services from suppliers/upon shipment of goods, works, services to customers

The ability to reconduct a chain of documents with regard to the first event in case of violation of the sequence of input/processing of documents

Operational (in documents) and procedural (at the end of the period) calculation of exchange differences on the accounts of settlements

Organization of the operational accounting of VAT according to calculations

Formation of reserve of receivables for settlements with contractors

Formation of reconciliation acts for contractors (consolidated, by contracts) in the context of settlement documents

Formation of operational reverse-balance analytical statements of accounting for debt in various sections:

  • by contractors
  • by contracts
  • based on supporting documents - financial regulatory documents
  • by documents (operational documents of calculations)
  • by divisions
  • by articles of analytical accounting and arbitrary types of analytics, etc.

Formation of consolidated turnover on the accounts of calculations in the context of the corresponding accounts for an arbitrary period

Consolidated analysis of receivables and payables is based on information obtained at all accounting sites. The calculation and analysis of consolidated receivables and payables for contractors is performed:

  • by accounting periods - the dynamics of debt
  • by countries, regions
  • by maturity - the structure of debt by periods
  • by sections of accounting - the structure of debt by sections
  • by divisions of services
  • by "initiators" of debt
  • by managers responsible for product sales
  • by periods of aging debt, etc.

The system allows you to trace the entire chain of debt - from the total amount of debt to the primary document.

Document processing is performed in accordance with the regulations described by means of the designer of business processes and document flows of IT-Enterprise system. The regulation allows defining the roles of those involved in the processing of documents and the procedure for processing documents.

Reporting tools (designer of tabular and crosstab reports, reports of irregular structure) allow you to customize any forms of source documents and summary reports.

Numerous analysis tools offered by IT-Enterprise system (turnover balance sheets, grid lists, account cards, analytics cards, etc.) provide summary information in sections and with the degree of detail required for accounting both within the enterprise and for reporting to regulatory authorities.


of our system

Increasing efficiency of accounting

Routine processing of documents, control of the documents flow by stages

Automated advance and debt repayment while making records of documents

Minimizing errors in accounting due to automated control at documents entry and processing

Efficient analysis and control tools at all stages of the accounting management

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