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Mechanical engineering

The industry-specific feature of IT-Enterprise ERP-system for mechanical engineering, instrument engineering and shipbuilding is the discrete operational nature of production.


Industry problems that our system solves

A full set of documentation in accordance with the standards

Description of routes and operational manufacturing processes

Notification on design and technological adjustments

CAD systems integration, electronic drawings, access authorization

Project production management with network planning by the CP and PERT methods

Arbitrary scheduling intervals (shift, day, five days, etc.) and scheduling for any period

Multi-level production planning (enterprise, workshop, sites, equipment)

Operative and predictive planning of material and labor resources requirements

Equipment load planning according by planning intervals

Cost calculation at any level of the product, taking into account the manufacturing route


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

by 20-30%
"ZORYA" - "MASHPROEKT" annually increases its production volumes
by 30-40%
accelerated preparation of production of products of the enterprise
by 30%
reduced time-to-market
by 15-20%
reduced repairs critical cycles at PJSC "Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant"
by 2 times
increased throughput capacity of the plant
by 15%
reduced work-in-progress inventory at "Kremenchug wheeled plant"

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution

Description of specifications, product designs of any complexity

We support group, process, production, alternative specifications

We work with different types of manufacturing

Flow, serial, by-order, with short and long cycles of manufacturing

Full resources description

Inventories, labor, tools, equipment, - everything that's necessary

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