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Personnel motivation based on the KPI

We will help build an effective motivation system based on KPI


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Building a KPI based motivational system (Key Performance Indicator)

Construction of the company's strategic map

Motivation system construction at the level of separate units

Calculation and analysis of KPI

Bonuses calculation and analysis of efficiency

Goals formation (companies, teams, personal)

Goals approval

Interim and final evaluation

Goals achievement analysis

Building an effective personnel motivation system, both at the department/division level, and the comprehensive personnel motivation system for the company as a whole.

Building a strategic company map:

  • identification of company prospects
  • development of strategic objectives for each perspective
  • building causal relationships between objectives
  • formation of initiatives to achieve company objectives

KPI system development:

  • formation of goals for the team and personal goals
  • goal alignment business process
  • decomposition of goals on KPI
  • forming hierarchy of indicators
  • flexible description of the calculation of indicators of any level of complexity: the definition of parameters, sources and methods for obtaining data for the calculation, the definition of methods and algorithms for calculation

Calculation and analysis of indicators:

  • automatic calculation of indicators
  • ability to manually enter values for key figures and intermediate calculation values
  • hierarchical display of calculated indicators
  • goal achievement analysis
  • analysis of changes in indicators by periods

Formation of personnel assessment cards:

  • creating personnel assessment cards with different sets of indicators
  • determination of parameters for calculating bonuses on the personnel assessment card
  • linking assessment cards to a position or personally to an employee

Calculation of bonuses and staff performance analysis:

  • calculation of the total employee efficiency ratio and percentage of card bonus
  • employee performance analysis in dynamics
  • calculation of the amount of surcharge (premium, bonus) and reflection of this in the final payroll calculation



of our system

Improving performance by ensuring compliance with the goals of each employee and the company as a whole

Improving satisfaction of employees with their performance reward, reducing workforce turnover

Stimulating improvement of employees training and education

Recruiting high-skilled personnel to the company

Efficient use of payroll budget

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