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Extraction of oil, gas and hydrocarbons

Features of IT-Enterprise business solutions for processes with a discrete postoperative nature — exploration, well construction, production, refining, transportation, storage and sale of oil, gas and petroleum products.


Industry problems that our system solves

Hydrocarbon production, field logistics, hydrocarbon production and revenue management.

Complete set of documentation in accordance with ESKD and ESTD.

Description of route and operational technical processes of extraction.

Carrying out notifications for design and technological adjustments.

Management of project production by means of the device of network planning by methods of MKP and PERT.

Multilevel production planning (enterprise, shops, sites, equipment).

Operational and forecast planning of material and labor resources.

Planning, loading of the equipment on planning intervals.

Determining the cost at any level of the product, taking into account the route of manufacture.


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

> 4500 users
Individual jobs for managing own KPIs in PJSC "Ukrnafta".

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution

Geological reserves management (oil, gas, hydrocarbons)

We collect, process, interpret and systematize geological data, as well as build digital models of wells, areas and deposits

Automated recording of raw material consumption and production of semi-finished products

We provide communication of the system with technological equipment and sensors.

Our Clients

Clients about us

Володимир Красотін

Директор департаменту IT ПАТ "Укрнафта"

Для більш, ніж 4500 співробітників були створені індивідуальні робочі місця у системі, кожен зміг зайти і затвердити свій KPI - це ключова цінність ERP-системи для робітника.

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