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The expenses of the auto complex at the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant are controlled by IT-Enterprise

Metallurgy and mining industry
The expenses of the auto complex at the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant are controlled by IT-Enterprise
scale7,500 employees 1806 userskpireduce expenses of the automobile complex of the company
ProductExpenses and controlling Project time1 year
year of briefcase2004geographyUkraine
IndustryMetallurgy and mining industrycustomerFerrexpo - Poltava mining and concentrating complex

Project Goals

Ferrexpo unites several metallurgical enterprises in the region of the Kremenchug magnetic anomaly. The peculiarity of Ferrexpo enterprises is the territorial remoteness of industrial facilities from each other. The area where operate vehicles of the Poltava mining and concentrating complex is more than 60 km2, and the length of the company roads is over 600 km.

Reducing the cost of the auto complex of the Poltava mining and concentrating complex is an important task for the company. During the initial facility survey and the analysis of the situation "as is", the following problems were identified:

  • a fleet of over 350 vehicles of different brands;
  • lack of automatic planning;
  • manual issuance of transportation documents;
  • lack of control over the use of petroleum products;
  • difficulties with auto services taxiing;
  • lack of tools for analyzing the costs of an auto complex in the context of a separate car.

Project Description

Enterprise management object is to achieve profitability of each enterprise department. To do this, through inspection of each car needed - from the maintenance cost to the salary of the driver and the services that the car provides.

There were implemented a scheme where the chief of the motor convoy generates a table of the vehicle fleet, which indicates where each day of the month there is a vehicle and what tasks it performs. This document also takes into account repairs, etc.

Dispatcher generates the departure plan of cars and transportation documents. After printing of transportation documents, provided calculation the needs for fuel, taxiing services and the driver's salary. This information could be adjusted later.

Shift planning of cars departure is made daily and accounts available fleet of vehicles and drivers assigned to this car.

The dispatch service inputs the information of the operation department: time of departure/arrival of the car, its route, the limits of fuel at the fuel station.

After the return of the car to the garage, takes place the delivery of transportation documents and their processing. Operators enter information from the speedometer, data on the remaining fuel in the tank, etc. After entering the actual information of the car, the information system automatically calculates the actual mileage, the actual fuel consumption, the amount on the waybill for invoicing the customer, the driver's salary.

The system allows you to schedule maintenance for the fleet, provides accounting for accumulators and tires.

Key project factors

By 2 times dispatchers amount reduced


The implemented system analyzes the following data on vehicles operation:

  • the volume of transportation services provided to customers;
  • performance of the vehicle;
  • loading of the of the company vehicle fleet.

The costs analysis allows to monitor the efficiency of costs reduction associated with the auto park of the Poltava mining and concentrating complex. The system will help to detail the costs of each vehicle by individual articles: depreciation, fuel consumption rate, spare parts, tires, wages, third-party repair services, etc.

To obtain the necessary information, the transportation control module is integrated into the complex ERP system IT-Enterprise and is linked to other modules of the system at the data-flow level.

As a result of the project at Poltava mining and concentrating complex, the vehicles departure planning was automated, based on the data on their technical status; generation of related transportation documents is also automated. As a result, the staff of dispatchers was reduced by half — now transportation department of the Poltava mining and concentrating complex require only 4 dispatchers.

Planning of works on equipment maintenance as well as taxiing of auto services and calculation of salary based on transportation documents is fully automated. The managers of the enterprise received a tool for cost analysis for the entire transportation complex, with details on an each vehicle, which allows finding bottlenecks in the cost of services.

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