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Repairs and maintenance

Equipment information management

Obtain an easy access to all information required for equipment operation and maintenance


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Building a hierarchical structure of data about the maintenance objects: a maintenance tree

Maintaining an equipment classification system, assembly specification system

Accounting of equipment units by places of operation, repair and storage time

Electronic archive of documents: blueprints, manuals, procedures, regulations, passports

A quick access to the information about your equipment is of key importance while making operational decisions.

IT-Enterprise.EAM system provides a fail-safe operation at an acceptable level of maintenance costs and offers to provide an equipment operation mode allowing a maximum production capacity.

  • The module “Management of classification, structure and changes of Basic Production Assets” allows classifying industrial equipment and maintenance objects and follow the lifecycle of assemblies and components
  • The module “Pre-production engineering” implements the requirements of BOM (Bill of Materials) specification of MRPII standard; this allows configuring materials, accessories, labor force consumption rates
  • The module “Technical documents flow and archives management” provides access to required technical, operational and regulatory documents, including via Internet

of our system

Determining the resources required for maintenance

Access to all information about the assemblies and equipment available. Control over the lifecycle of assemblies and components

Quick access to electronic documents – blueprints, manuals, regulations, passports

Make your decisions based on BI-analysis of data.

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