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Document flow and BPM

Tasks management

Make the work of all people and teams simple and optimal: plan, execute, communicate and achieve goals with the help of tasks.


The system allows to effectively solve problems

The system will allow you to quickly and conveniently manage various tasks (tasks in business processes, cases, arbitrary tasks or orders)

Automatic generation of tasks for business processes

Planning arbitrary tasks and working with them with the calendar

Assign priorities and tasks to folders

Determine the scheduled time and calculate the actual task execution time

Delegating tasks to subordinates and implementation monitoring

Operative teamwork on tasks, availability of related content (documents, files, discussions)

Analysis of the related (subordinate) tasks tree

Manage tasks with the mobile application under iOS, Android, Windows

Ability to combine related tasks into cases or mini-projects

Reminders and notifications on events (push, e-mail, sms): add new task, execute, cancel, appointment as controller

The basic unit for planning work at any business process is the task. In addition, in the course of the enterprise life, situational, non-formalized tasks constantly arise. Some tasks can be solved independently of others, but often tasks are interconnected and can only be solved in a certain sequence. Tasks can be scheduled personally by an employee of the enterprise, delegated to him by management, arise during the execution of a case or business process, etc.

The solution of all types of tasks can be effectively managed with the help of SmartManager solution.

Tasks planned by the employees themselves

With SmartManager, you can quickly create a work plan for the day, week, month. You can create a list of tasks and assign a priority to each of them, or you can use a calendar for this. It is possible to set reminders for tasks that must be performed strictly at a specified time (participation in the meeting, holding a meeting with the customer).

Delegated tasks

Any level manager can quickly create tasks for their subordinates. It is possible to immediately assign a responsible person, assign priorities, specify deadlines, etc. If necessary, you can make the task clarifications, changes, comments.

A developed service of messages, reminders and push-notifications helps not to forget about the timing of the tasks for both the supervisor and subordinates. There are also task execution histories.

Tasks from business processes

During the execution of business processes, their participants automatically receive tasks and corresponding documents related to these processes. Using the information from their task, an employee can much faster confirm, sign, or approve a document relating to it.

Tasks from cases

Not all business processes can be described by earlier prepared algorithms. The management of such semi-structured processes is based on the theory of adaptive case management and can be carried out no less effectively than the management of rigidly organized processes. First you need to create a case, i.e. hierarchical list of tasks and assignments to be executed. SmartManager allows you to do this very quickly. It is not necessary to prepare the complete list of tasks in advance for the implementation of a non-standard project; tasks can be set for employees as needed. After the completion of the case, the tasks performed during its course can be copied to the template library. If in the future it becomes necessary to carry out a similar project, you can call up this case from the template library and, on its basis, create a new list containing the tasks that need to be completed and the list of people who have already performed similar tasks. After the launch of the new case, these performers will receive appropriate notifications and will be able to quickly get to work.


of our system

Convenient management of all processes, tasks, cases and people in one application

Regular planning, prioritizing, optimal distribution, control and timely execution of tasks

Efficient team work, awareness and communication improvement

Speeding up operating processes of employees, teams, the management and the company as a whole

Established corporate time management system (tasks, meetings, notifications, calendars)

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