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Features of IT-Enterprise business solutions for distributors, wholesale trade companies, and networks that conduct retail trade-in supermarkets, hypermarkets, online stores.


Industry problems that our system solves

Work with documents and contracts through mobile devices.

Preparations for participation in tenders for sales and coordination of bank guarantees.

Advanced analytics to find bottlenecks in the negotiation process.

Exchange of legally significant documents.

Work with documents by roles, delimitation of accesses.


Economic indicators
achieved in this industry

The workload on the department for work with corporate clients (Epicenter K) has been canceled.
Reduced coordination time (Epicenter K).
from 10 to 2.5 hours
The average coordination time (Epicenter K) decreased.

IT-Enterprise Advantages for this industry

You can choose individual solutions
as well as complete integrated solution


Exchange of electronic legally significant documents with contractors. Granting documents of legal force with the signature of CEP (EDS).

Smart Manager

Electronic document management in the mobile application and in the web-browser.

Thermal maps of processes

Advanced analytics to find bottlenecks in reconciliation processes, which allows you to see different analysts, for example, in terms of average duration or in terms of the number of documents by stage.


Management of business processes of preparation for participation in tenders for sale.
Quick modelling and customization of the business process.
Easy process initiation and decision-making.

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