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ForceBPM service has simplified the process of preparing tenders and the time required to approve documents by 75% at "Epicenter K"

ForceBPM service has simplified the process of preparing tenders and the time required to approve documents by 75% at "Epicenter K"
scale20 thousand employeeskpiBusiness Process Optimization
ProductSalesProject time3 months
year of briefcase2020geographyUkraine
IndustryRETAILcustomerEpicenter K

Management of business processes for preparing tenders for sale in the largest trade and retail network of Ukraine "Epicenter K".

Tasks, challenges and problems of the project

  • The scale of the network is 61 hypermarkets.
  • The department for work with corporate clients is overloaded — in particular, the team of the department makes sure that hypermarkets do not compete with each other in tenders.
  • Significant time costs for the coordination of participation in tenders due to the territorial fragmentation of hypermarkets.
  • In the event of a pandemic, there is a high risk of stopping paper approvals.
  • Paper records are a potential source of transmission of COVID-19.

“There are 61 hypermarkets in the "Epicenter K" network. Such a number of objects requires significant time expenditures for the approval of participation in tenders. In addition, in a pandemic, paper approvals are a potential source of transmission of the virus, ”Natalia Kozlova, head of the ECM Consulting team, told how the IT-Enterprise solution helped manage the preparation of tenders in "Epicenter K" hypermarkets.

Roadmap and design solutions

  • Optimization of business processes through the ForceBPM cloud service.

  • Fast project launch due to a simple and fast interface and SaaS architecture of the business solution.

    The ECM Consulting IT-Enterprise team has launched the project. Users literally click on a link to a web browser or mobile application and get to work. Users received a simple and fast interface, understandable without prior training.

  • Configured and put into operation two of the most massive internal processes:
    1) Coordination of participation in tenders for sale.
    2) Negotiation of a bank guarantee.

    Process reengineering has removed approximately 50% of the workload from the corporate client department.

  • Documents are born as a result of a process, mainly for familiar visualization.

    The IT-Enterprise business analyst team prescribed the architecture of business processes in ForceBPM, in which the system itself generates the necessary documents for participation in tenders, sends them to users and managers for approval.

  • Heat maps of processes. Advanced analytics for finding bottlenecks in the approval processes, which allows you to see different analytics, for example, in terms of average duration or in terms of the number of documents by stage.

Project results

43 hypermarkets have joined the preparation of tenders in IT-Enterprise and are users, the rest are in the process.
by 75% reduction in approval time.
from 10 hours to 2.5 hours the average duration of document approval has decreased.

The goal is to involve 20 thousand employees of the "Epicenter K" network in the use of mobile devices and in the communication of teams in Smart Manager.

The focus of "Epicenter K" users is shifting from organizing electronic document management to optimizing internal processes, monitoring metrics, and highlighting and eliminating inefficiencies.

The effectiveness of the "Epicenter K" team is ensured by

  • Tool for managing business processes ForceBPM, which gives a high speed of work with tasks and documents.
  • Smart Manager web application with simple, role-based interfaces.
  • SaaS-architecture, makes possible quick start of work for newbie users and easy scalability.

Video case on the link.

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