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Repairs and maintenance

Operational management and maintenance organization

Make right decisions when managing the maintenance


The system allows to effectively solve problems

Management of orders and maintenance requests

Issuing work orders and production and works authorizations

Acceptance and closure of works

Accounting of actual maintenance expenditures

On the basis of the maintenance schedule, the operational work planning and generation of orders and maintenance requests are carried out. At the planning stage, the availability of the required resources for work is calculated; applications for the purchase of spare parts and materials are generated. Maintenance terms and volumes are coordinated with production services.

Work orders and permits shall be generated in a daily and shift mode. Individual work assignments shall be printed for this purpose, as well as manpower loading is controlled together with the provision of materials, mechanisms and tools.
Maintenance orders are subject to a flow-through approval by production services, other enterprise services involved, as well as by contractors. The maintenance priority and emergency shall be determined herewith.

When completing a maintenance request, an accounting statement subject to stage-by-stage approval shall be generated.


of our system

Interaction between the production and maintenance plan

Online personnel workload analysis

Personal responsibility of maintenance executor

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