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Repairs and maintenance

Increasing equipment utilization efficiency by 20%. Reducing equipment downtime duration because of delayed materials supply and emergency activities by 30%. Reducing equipment repairs and maintenance cost by 20%.


What issues the decision closes

Creating an efficient plant and equipment management system

Providing a fail-safe equipment operation

Providing an efficient personnel work planning

Providing a timely and complete maintenance

Determining required minimum of maintenance, ensuring maximum return

Implementing the best maintenance management practices


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

Online monitoring of personnel and equipment key performance indicators

Implementing the best practices of efficient maintenance, RCM-analysis

Making decisions based on the data obtained as a result of business analysis (BI)

Providing synchronization of the production and maintenance schedules

Relieving the personnel from routine operating statistics data collection

Why our solutions

Implementing modern — economically viable and efficient — plant and equipment management procedures (P&E) Providing easy access to the information about the available equipment (blueprints, manuals, regulations), control over the transfer of assemblies and components
Transition from “Reaction” model to “Prediction” model (Predictive
Maintenance), equipment failure prediction based on trends
Dynamic calculation of budget for maintenance and materials purchase plan, reducing labor efforts for maintenance plan estimation

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