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Document flow and BPM

12 times reduced documents approval term. Increasing the timely tasks execution by up to 98%. Reducing documents search time by 60%.


What issues the decision closes

Automating both, document flow services of the enterprise (administrative office, general department etc.) and the document flow of all other business units

Reducing time required to process the documents, optimizing the documents executive time

Enabling transit to a convenient and quick management and tasks execution (business processes, cases, personal tasks)

Document flow analysis, determining hidden issues, monitoring the work on documents


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

Reducing documents processing time due to building flow-through documents flow business processes

An option to combine connected tasks into cases or mini-projects

A possibility to establish an efficient corporate time management system (meetings, tasks, calendars)

An automatic notification about tasks and documents flow, change or execution

An option to manage the documents flow via smartphone using a mobile application

Minimizing errors appearing in the documents flow process

Relieving the personnel of the enterprise from executing routine

Why our solutions

Increasing the document flow quality and efficiency of work with documents
Reducing time of documents flow processes execution due to the regulation and automation of process steps
Process transparency for all participants of the document flow; regulation and monitoring tools
Group discussion of tasks may be performed via the system and the mobile applications; it is convenient to plan the work, tasks, meetings, events using a calendar

Still, have questions?

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