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Increase in sales by 60%. Increase of the outreach to target audience by over 400%. Increase of control over all stages of sales process.


What issues the decision closes

Automation of lead generation and transfer of leads into deals; leads and deals analysis

Providing a quick and efficient corporate information search, employees’ notification, information exchange in the format of a social network

Automation of orders’ registration, tracking the status thereof, as well as payments on completed orders

Automation of contracts’ management, processing a unified card register, electronic approval and endorsement

Minimizing the production expenditures by means of substitutes, increasing profitability due to a flexible pricing

Managing the address structure of the warehouse, automation of storage and inventory areas

Automation of sales management and all related procedures

Automation of supply chain management, delivery routes planning, expenses at all stages, efficiency analysis

Providing “transparency” in executing the orders for clients and managers, process optimization based on actual indicators.


What this solution allows

We identify weaknesses in the chosen business direction and help to establish a management system

Additional blocks provide projects, contracts, financial settlements management, as well as the business analysis of data and support of the knowledge database

Automated collection of leads, activities’ management, integration with IP-telephony, working directly from the mail client

A built-in Facebook (and other social networks) newsfeed, targeted emailing, scheduling via corporate calendar using a smartphone

Portability: an option to operate via smartphone or tablet

A possibility to use chat bots – to call or text the clients directly via messenger, to analyze sales, view the statistics on the leads, make appointments etc.

A possibility to connect the CRM-system to Outlook; a quick making of records in CRM based on information received via email

A corporate social network provides a quick and efficient search of different information: contacts on deals, data on the employees, events, changes in design-engineering documents

A prompt response to events – both, via transmitting related information and via actions in the corporate system

An efficient exchange of information related to production and other activities of the corporation, using organizational vertical alignments, without using the subordinate-superior-superior-subordinate schedule

Reducing orders’ acceptance and approval terms

A quick preparation of contracts using templates

Electronic approval and endorsing of contracts

Optimizing warehouse operation due to reduced products nomenclature and strict reservation rules

Minimizing warehouse operation area due to the most suitable arrangement of goods at the warehouse

The results of the summary analysis of products shipment allow making important decisions promptly

Selecting an appropriate delivery route based on the specified criteria – duration, cost, planned cost

Reducing time for completing business processes due to the regulation and automation of the steps thereof, due to establishment of time restrictions

Why our solutions

An Extended CRM system allows managing the whole sales procedure, from engagement of clients to shipment of products
All information shall be stored in the single depository and is connected with the other modules of the system
Increasing the level of customer service by taking into account their special requirements
The time for documents approval shall be significantly saved

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