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A unified IT-Enterprise ERP-system for Roshen Corporation

Agrarian and food industry
A unified IT-Enterprise ERP-system for Roshen Corporation
kpiimprove management efficiencyProductProject management
Project time2 yearsyear of briefcase2014
geographyUkraineIndustryAgrarian and food industry
customer«Roshen» corporation

Project Goals

Roshen Corporation is one of the world's largest producers of confectionery products, the company ranks 24th in the rating of the largest confectionery companies CandyIndustryTop100.

The company distributes a wide range of confectionery products (over 350 items) to the markets of 35 countries. Having 7 factories (4 of which are in Ukraine) and a logistics center in Yagotyn, the corporation set an ambitious task to combine the data flows of all enterprises on one information platform. The final aim is to optimize the global supply chain of the corporation - from the purchase of raw materials to production, warehousing and distribution.

Project Description

A comprehensive project for the implementation of IT-Enterprise ERP-system in Roshen Corporation started after winning an open tender. The tender was held in the spring of 2014, and ERP-system IT-Enterprise won the contest, having won from several world-renowned vendors of ERP-systems.

The goal of the project is to build a unified information system for Roshen Corporation, unify and optimize business processes, increase the efficiency of operational planning, production control flexibility and logistics resources management.

Whole corporation become the object of implementation project. In Ukraine, the Kiev Confectionery Factory, the Vinnytsia Confectionery Factory and the Kremenchug Confectionery Factory participated in the project of implementation of the integrated ERP system. In addition, IT-Enterprise was implemented at the Bonbonetti Choco Kft confectionery in Hungary, as well as in the HQ office of the corporation in Kiev, in the Yagotyn Roshen logistics center and in the central Kazakhstan Roshen office, as well as in enterprises that produce products under the trademark "Mriya".

During the project, the full functionality of an integrated business management system was implemented. At the production facilities of the corporation, the tasks included:

  • technical preparation of production;
  • production control and capacity utilization (from MPS to MES, including optimal operational planning);
  • quality management in production;
  • inventory management and procurement;
  • management of logistics tasks (inventory management, transport);
  • sales management;
  • accounting and tax accounting;
  • calculation of planned and actual cost.

In the central office of the corporation, which focus is the functions of Roshen strategic business management, IT-Enterprise was implemented to solve the following tasks:

  • financial management;
  • treasury management;
  • corporate budgeting;
  • payroll planning;
  • cost planning;
  • recruitment, human resources management;
  • business analytics.


The comprehensive project was originally planned for 2 years. The implementation of the ERP-system functionality was carried out according to the agreed plan. Step-by-step modules commissioning was made.

Thanks to the implemented ERP-solution, the whole corporation Roshen has moved to a single corporate information system. Single information platform increased transparency and manageability of the Roshen business. The implemented ERP-system has become a significant improvement of management tools – a lot of separate information systems for different management purposes without efficient information exchange were substituted with a single efficient ERP-solution.

Business processes standardization and unification within the framework of a single integrated automation system at all key corporation objects is the result of the project implementation. With the help of IT-Enterprise ERP system, the efficiency of the corporate resources management has been greatly improved.

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